We are recruiting! #FreshMeat

Want to join one of the fastest growing sports in the world? We’re looking for women who are eager for the opportunity to train, compete and win alongside some of the Antwerp area’s most intriguing female athletes. NO prior skating skills are necessary to become an amazing roller derby player. No matter what size or shape you are, there is a position for you. If you have the dedication, we will make sure you get the training.

This is where we practice blocking and bruising each other:
Rolschaatsbaan Kon. Klopstokia
Ruggeveldlaan 484
2100 Deurne

If you love us and roller derby, then this is our training schedule:
– every Tuesday: 19u15 – 22u
– every Wednesday: 19u30 – 22u
– every Sunday: 13u30 – 17u

If you’re interested in this fast paced, full contact sport on wheels, and in becoming a roller girl, drop us a line at freshmeat@oneloverollerdolls.be. We have tryouts every 8 weeks for our fresh meat training program. Check the events page on our official website & Facebook-page for further updates on the exact dates.




  1. Are you an NL team only? Is it a minimum size to be on the team?

    I just read on the brussels derby pixies there’s no training because they don’t have a place for.

    Can you contact me by email? Or give me your mail!


    1. Hi Marie!
      Our practices are generally been held in dutch – but language may not stop you. A league can exist out of more team, in every team there are max 20 girls.
      The Brussels league has found a practice space so what I would suggest to do is contact them by email; info.derbypixies@gmail.com. The founder of the Pixies is Nisfit Hussy, she’s also one of our OLRDolls.
      You can find our contact at http://www.oneloverollerdolls.be.
      Lolli Chop

  2. Hoi

    Ik vind het erg cool wat jullie doen! Zou ik wat meer info kunnen krijgen over trainingen, wat er juist verwacht wordt enz.? Bedankt!


  3. Hey Dolls,

    Zou als het kan graag wat meer info krijgen
    over het hele gebeuren. T’ziet er alvast
    super interessant uit en ben zeer curious!


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