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Our Boys Without Toys

There’s the kind of news we can’t wait to share with you (bouts! events! wins! happy!) and there’s the kind we hate to publish. Unfortunately this is of the latter kind.

CC / DJ Bass on Flickr

sad skate is sad
CC / DJ Bass on Flickr

*¨%#@! thieves struck again, this time parting 3(!) of our dear members with their beloved gear. Not even at the same place, time or event, but 3 separate cases, in barely 3 weeks time.

First, Hero Joe’s complete skate kit got stolen from his car booth. Although the good news is, he will be refunded for his lost items through the insurance company, but he is missing his beloved old  pair of Antiks, a set of brand new  boots and all his protective gear (total loss: above € 1.000) nonetheless.

Then, our photographer Piggy Stardust got robbed of his camera and his favourite camera lens. We’re lucky and grateful to have a dedicated and talented photographer like Ian in our midst (almost all pictures published to our channels are his), so we hate to see this happen to him. His damages are around € 1.500.

Finally Huge Refner’s gear bag got stolen from Dr. Dop’s car booth last weekend. He lost his skates, protective gear, ref clothes, wheels, as well as his (non-derby) engagement ring he got from Humpme Bogart, some of her wheels, and other tidbits. The total cost of their lost gear equals around a painful € 1.000.

3 of our guys robbed in 3 weeks. It almost sounds unreal…

But let’s make getting Huge back on skates and Piggy snapping hot shots a reality. Let them know you care, by dropping them a message here or giving a small donation. Even if you give just enough to buy a pair of skate laces, if 50 people do the same, they can buy wheels as well.

So let’s brighten Hero Joe’s, Piggy’s and Huge’s day a bit and show them some derby love. Donate to Piggy and Huge trough this link or the Paypal button below. Make sure you mention who you’re donating to or make 1 donation for both guys. If no specific dividing is specified, your donation will be split 50/50 among the two.


Thank you so much in advance.

One Love.