Beater Pan-Tease

Bootcamp with Georgia W. Tush & Beater Pan-Tease, by C.C. Titmouse [25.10.2011]

What a busy –derby-week! We just came back from Rotterdam last week and were heading back on Monday to Amsterdam for an awesome bootcamp with Georgia W. Tush, Beater Pan-Tease & Marc the Shark from Montreal Roller derby, hosted by the Amsterdam Derby Dames!

Pic by Limpin' Lilly (ADD)

Time-management-wise, this was a good one for C.C. “never on time” Titmouse. Since it was a weekday and most of us have to work during the day, it was a rush-rush kind of evening with a lot of traffic (2,5h drive from Antwerp to Amsterdam). But finally arrived ‘only’ 1 hour late (SCORE)!

Last weekend, my carkeys got stolen (companycar, who the f*ck cares, right), except the fact that both mine as Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!’s derby gear is still in the trunk of this very car. Unfortunately, we can’t hover above the car to make sure no thief can steal our (new) skates. If we could, WE WOULD #VultureStyle!  We’ve been living in constant fear ever since and it seems that I won’t be receiving a spare until Friday. As you all know, we have our FIRST Official Bout on Sunday, so I’m ready to go Colombine on the company’s Ass if I do not have a key on Friday!!! ><

The first time I ever heard about Montreal was at the “Anarchy in the UK” tournament in London. Those New Skids On The Block came out, wearing their signature Neon-coloured Spandex Outfits, straight out of the ‘80s. With the coolest skate-out ever, all this ‘show’ should be a reference to their game too. Oh, but did they deliver #InstantFan! It’s always fun to see Montreal play, therefore we watched the East Regional Play Offs very closely. And to have 2 Skids over in Amsterdam and being able to learn a thing or two from them, was something we couldn’t miss.

So eventhough nor Whammie, nor myself had any gear, our fellow Roller Dolls made sure we were able to borrow gear (which wasn’t easy, since I have a massive sized head!) and we got out our old(er) skates so we could benefit from a little Canadian lesson!

Both Georgia as Tease bring a lot of humour to the rink, but in the end we all take it very seriously, we all want to ‘get there’, whatever it takes. I personally loved their “breaking-it-up” method, since it’s easier to learn difficult movements if you break it up in little pieces. I’m having troubles with the hockeystop & the powerslide for example and their little session made me successfully do the hockeystop! (Or at least, it didn’t look like the ‘Fantasia’ballerina at the verge of doing a very painful split, not stopping. at. all.) So *yay*! 🙂

Overall, it was great seeing our friends from The Netherlands again. If it was up to me, the bootcamp could’ve lasted all night, but seeing my zombie-face in the mirror right now, this was a nice first encounter.  Evil plans to lure them into Belgium have been set into motion (“Come to the dark side, we have beer and chocolate!”) ;-).

11 Dolls & Refs gathered and drove 2,5 hours for an awesome bootcamp. Lovely to see that kind of teamspirit & dedication on the eve of our first official bout. One Love!

C.C. Titmouse