Amsterdam Derby Dames

Bootcamp with Georgia W. Tush & Beater Pan-Tease, by C.C. Titmouse [25.10.2011]

What a busy –derby-week! We just came back from Rotterdam last week and were heading back on Monday to Amsterdam for an awesome bootcamp with Georgia W. Tush, Beater Pan-Tease & Marc the Shark from Montreal Roller derby, hosted by the Amsterdam Derby Dames!

Pic by Limpin' Lilly (ADD)

Time-management-wise, this was a good one for C.C. “never on time” Titmouse. Since it was a weekday and most of us have to work during the day, it was a rush-rush kind of evening with a lot of traffic (2,5h drive from Antwerp to Amsterdam). But finally arrived ‘only’ 1 hour late (SCORE)!

Last weekend, my carkeys got stolen (companycar, who the f*ck cares, right), except the fact that both mine as Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!’s derby gear is still in the trunk of this very car. Unfortunately, we can’t hover above the car to make sure no thief can steal our (new) skates. If we could, WE WOULD #VultureStyle!  We’ve been living in constant fear ever since and it seems that I won’t be receiving a spare until Friday. As you all know, we have our FIRST Official Bout on Sunday, so I’m ready to go Colombine on the company’s Ass if I do not have a key on Friday!!! ><

The first time I ever heard about Montreal was at the “Anarchy in the UK” tournament in London. Those New Skids On The Block came out, wearing their signature Neon-coloured Spandex Outfits, straight out of the ‘80s. With the coolest skate-out ever, all this ‘show’ should be a reference to their game too. Oh, but did they deliver #InstantFan! It’s always fun to see Montreal play, therefore we watched the East Regional Play Offs very closely. And to have 2 Skids over in Amsterdam and being able to learn a thing or two from them, was something we couldn’t miss.

So eventhough nor Whammie, nor myself had any gear, our fellow Roller Dolls made sure we were able to borrow gear (which wasn’t easy, since I have a massive sized head!) and we got out our old(er) skates so we could benefit from a little Canadian lesson!

Both Georgia as Tease bring a lot of humour to the rink, but in the end we all take it very seriously, we all want to ‘get there’, whatever it takes. I personally loved their “breaking-it-up” method, since it’s easier to learn difficult movements if you break it up in little pieces. I’m having troubles with the hockeystop & the powerslide for example and their little session made me successfully do the hockeystop! (Or at least, it didn’t look like the ‘Fantasia’ballerina at the verge of doing a very painful split, not stopping. at. all.) So *yay*! 🙂

Overall, it was great seeing our friends from The Netherlands again. If it was up to me, the bootcamp could’ve lasted all night, but seeing my zombie-face in the mirror right now, this was a nice first encounter.  Evil plans to lure them into Belgium have been set into motion (“Come to the dark side, we have beer and chocolate!”) ;-).

11 Dolls & Refs gathered and drove 2,5 hours for an awesome bootcamp. Lovely to see that kind of teamspirit & dedication on the eve of our first official bout. One Love!

C.C. Titmouse



Joint practice w. Suvi Hokkari & Belle Anger, by C.C. Titmouse [25.07.2011]

©Ian Rwb

So yesterday we had Suvi Hokkari (ex-Bananaspit) from the HellCity Rollers & Belle Anger from the Amsterdam Derby Dames over at practice. Apparently they’re on some kind of derby-road trip (which sounds like the coolest version of the traditional road trip imho ;p). We were happy to hear they decided to grant us with their prescence at our little skating rink. Suvi & Belle agreed on running the training for the day & we were curious to see what they had to offer.

©Ian Rwb

It’s always nice to have guest coaches over at practise to learn something about derby from another point of view. We were all good pupils, eager to show what we can do. It was a good learning experience and we were taught some jumping skills (derbylingo, not the dancestyle, hell no! :p). More jammerexcercises than we’re used to, but good basics to elaborate on for future trainings! We worked hard and the exercises were fun, yet useful to do.

©Ian Rwb

Although I’ve learned from experience that Belle is quite the blocker, she’s ‘out of play’ (hé, get it ;p) for a bit, due to a knee injury :s Still, she’s reffing while she gives her knees the time to heal, which is soooo cool of her. Even when she’s not actively ‘playing’, she’s still learning by reffin & NSO’ing and going around the world from bootcamp to shared practises etc. We’re always happy to have her over and will visit Amsterdam real soon. Personal guide, cheeeeck! 😉

©Ian Rwb

We’ve met Suvi before at the Anarchy in the UK tournament earlier this year. She’s quite the socialite herself, spreading the Finnish love throughout derbyland. She too is moving around a lot, meeting up with different leagues, good PR-lady ;-). She managed to train a team of skaters, who she never saw skating before. So levelwise it couldn’t have been easy to figure out which excercises would be useful etc. But she kept us on our toe(s)tops & made us work it! We absolutely loved her training and hope she’ll visit us again in the near future!

After practise, we couldn’t leave these lovely ladies to themselves, so Lolli Chop, Saxia F, Sir SkateAlot, Face First, Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! & myself invited them to the centre of Antwerp, where we went to have some drinks and a little bite to eat. Suvi brought her boyfriend who was instantly thrown into the derbytalk. Poor him ;-). Talking about lickingstrategies and idolising known derbygirls, the conversation went from league-experience to tequila to crazy diets, which was fun ;p. When in Belgium (even for 1 day!) you should try our beers, so 1 Vedett, a couple of Duvels and a Tripple Karmeliet later, we’ve gained us some Belgian Beer-fans *woohoo*.

Our plan to get them drunk so they’d stay over for the week failed, but at least we’ve got an excellent and learnful experience to look back on!

©Ian Rwb

See you soon, girls!


C.C. Titmouse

High on derby: post scrimmage [Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!]

If you’ve read my former blog or you’re a personal friend of mine, you’ll know that I was pretty darn nervous for our bout past Sunday. I made a promise in my last writings that the story would be continued, so here it is!

©Ian Rwb

I could cut this really short and just write in capital letters that it was AMAZING, but that wouldn’t make for much of a good blog, now would it?!!?

©Ian Rwb

Cherry Moshpit, Huge Refner, Emo Joe and myself had spend the night at C.C. Titmouse’s house. So from the very moment I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by some of my teammates. We drank coffee together, some of us took a refreshing shower and left for Edegem. We arrived pretty early at the sportcomplex were we would we be playing our very first scrimmage. A few other team members were already there. Of course they were, because we are always late. Everyone looked pretty stoked and maybe a little nervous even.  After a little anxious jumping around, we started dragging all of our stuff inside.


We were in the middle of preparing the track when the first Amsterdam Derby Dames arrived. I swear to God, when I saw them I thought I was about to wet my pants. (Taking into consideration that I was wearing my derby outfit, there wasn’t much short I could wet.) They all looked so much more rough than me: tattoos, piercings and a lot of attitude. Turned out that all of the ADD- girls are sweethearts and I would love to spend more time with them in the future.

©Ian Rwb

Before the official scrimmage we had an our of training so we would all get used to the size of the track and the slippery floor. The track was a lot bigger than what we’re used to train on and the floor was hard to ride on. Being a jammer, I felt that I wouldn’t be able to go all-out because I would slip in the curves. It was pretty hot outside and although the place was cooled, after one hour of practice we were all dripping with sweat. It would be hard and exhausting.

After training we did a little rally in our dressing rooms, got a nice pep-talk from our coach Sir SkateAlot and team captain Lolli Chop and went back out there. It was clear that we were all very nervous. I couldn’t even remember how many times a ref would whistle when he spotted a major. But it’s great having your teammates at your side at such a time. Despite their own nerves, they talked me through it and very soon I was on that jammer line prepared to skate fast in the first jam of the scrimmage.

©Ian Rwb

From then on, everything went really fast and before I knew it, it was all over. It became clear that all of our training from the last months paid off. The pack-skaters held down the other team’s jammer, they worked together, cleared the track for their own jammers and had a blast while doing so. Our jammers skated hard an fierce. They were focussed on the passages in the pack, on the other jammer and called of the jams at the right time.  It was a clean and descent game without any unnecessary aggression. Hero Joe, our Bench- & Line-up Coach, did an excellent job and managed to keep us all organised. He kept his cool and by doing so he relieved a lot of my stress. To thumbs up for what he did! Last but not least, big kudo’s to our coach – Sir SkateALot – who kept his eyes on the track and his skaters. He gave clear instructions on what we had to do on that track and made the right calls.

He might have pushed us hard during trainings, but I’m very thankful he did! After skating a little “victory round” from both teams we hugged, took a group picture and raised our glasses on a fine derby-day!

I’ve been on a derby high since that Sunday (24/04/2011) and I hope to be there for a little longer. It feels great! We played like a team for the very first time and it was awesome! I felt – and secretly still feel – like a little rockstar. I could have worn my skates all day Sunday. It was only when I got home that I started noticing the bruises and the sore muscles. But that’s derby for ‘ya!

As I started out saying, It was AMAZING and I can’t wait to do it again someday! This was our first scrimmage and there was no audience allowed. But next time we will be expecting you! So, take a pen and write down the 22nd of May in your calendar. We will be hosting a kick-ass Friends- & Family Day @ Klopstokia – Deurne. There will be drinks, music and a lot of your favourite One Love Roller Dolls hip checking skaters from other teams.

©Ian Rwb

I’ll see you soon.

Big hugs and some derby lovin’

Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!


Miss Kitty Cupcakes

Op wolkjes na OLRD’s 1ste scrimmage tegen ADD [coach Sir SkateAlot]

© Lolli Chop

Vorige zondag speelden we met de One Love Roller Dolls onze oefenwedstrijd tegen de Amsterdam Derby Dames. Sinds die wedstrijd loop ik dus op wolkjes, en ik denk dat iedereen die er bij betrokken was dat gevoel deelt. We’re on a derby high.

Afspraak was dat het om een oefenwedstrijd ging, geen publiciteit, geen publiek, maar voor de rest wel alles als een echte bout. Het team van Amsterdam werd uitgekozen omdat we vermoedden dat ze ongeveer dezelfde ontwikkeling doormaken als Antwerpen. In de weken voor de bout kregen we aanvragen van enkele top-refs om deze wedstrijd te mogen leiden. Herr O van GGGRG was er, Major Madness, headref van de Ruhrpott Roller Girls en Hunter S. Toss’em van de Rat City Roller Girls uit Seattle USA. Voeg daaraan toe dat de refs van Amsterdam en van Antwerpen de dag ervoor van deze heren een intensief bootcamp kregen in Gent en het was duidelijk dat de omkadering perfect zou zijn.

© Ian Rwb

OLRDAntwerpen onderging de laatste maanden en weken een ongelofelijke metamorfose. Vóór februari werd een stevige basis voor de club uitgebouwd. De organisatie en de infrastructuur was er, er was een uitstekende opvang van nieuwe schaatsers, een goed uitgebalanceerd fresh meat trainingsprogramma, en er was vooral de wil om roller derby te spelen. Toen ik in februari met deze groep aan het werk mocht kon er, vertrekkende van die basis, heel snel van de groep rolschaatsers een roller derby team gemaakt worden. Dit ging niet altijd gemakkelijk, iedereen kreeg veel te verwerken, maar iedereen weet als de wil er is dan ligt de weg er.

Hoe goed we in ons opzet geslaagd zijn was zondag voor iedereen een verrassing. Er stond een team op het veld dat stevig en snel schaatste, dat de volle wedstrijd kon blijven doorgaan ondanks de zware vloer, er werd stevig geblockt, fantastisch samengewerkt, er was een slim pack bezig en de jammers waren snel en behendig. En de coach, hij zag dat het goed was en loopt dus nog steeds op wolkjes.

© Ian Rwb

Het teamwork dat op het veld te zien was, kon je ook zien rond het veld. NSO’s, refs, pers, supporters, iedereen die er was werd meegezogen in die teamspirit en leverde een bijdrage aan een

bijzonder geslaagde namiddag. OLRD is dus niet alleen in staat om een roller derby wedstrijd te spelen, maar ook om wedstrijden te organiseren.

De basis van het roller derby team One Love Roller Dolls is er en die basis is stevig. We kunnen verder en we kunnen andere, sterkere tegenstanders beginnen uitdagen. Tegenstanders die harder hitten, die alle strategieën beheersen, die supersnel en slim jammen. En dan is het aan ons om te bewijzen dat we dat ook aankunnen.

Een van die sterke tegenstanders zal overigens Amsterdam zijn. Ik zag een Amsterdamse ploeg met heel veel talent en mogelijkheden. Er waren blockers bij waarvan ik stiekem blij was dat ze nog niet zo lang op rolschaatsen staan. Ik zag een coach die haar roller derby kent, die alleen nog wat meer tijd nodig heeft om met het team te werken. Ik zag een team dat bleef doorgaan tot het einde zonder op te geven. En ik zag vooral een groep meiden die gek zijn van rolschaatsen en van roller derby. Daarmee kan je verder werken, en dan kan de uitslag er de volgende keer totaal anders uit zien.

Tijd om van onze wolkjes te komen en weer aan het werk te gaan.

© Major Madness

Een trotse coach,

Sir SkateAlot


Nervous shakedown: preparing for our 1st scrimmage! [Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!]

© C.C. Titmouse

You might or might not yet know it, but for a lot of us, One Love Roller Dolls, these are stressful days. You’re wondering why?

Well, on Sunday we will be playing our first scrimmage against the Amsterdam Derby Dames. Although this isn’t an official bout and is meant as a way to practice bouting, we’re still in it for the win!

The last couple of months we have been training harder. All of our skaters have been drilling the WFTDA rules, our refs have been blowing their whistles like crazy, we’ve learned to skate faster, hit harder, be more aggressive and keep our eyes on the track and each other. Each and every one of us had to cross that mental wall, that’ll keep you down at a certain point.

For some of us taking this next step wasn’t quite easy. It’s not only physically challenging, but emotionally as well. It’s hard sometimes when you put a lot of effort to certain skills and it just doesn’t seem to pay off. When you get knocked down each and every time you try to make your way trough the pack, there comes a point when you just want to take off your skates and throw them at someone else’s head.

Thanks to our coach – Sir SkateALot – who knew his way around with all the injuries, the drama and the frustrations, none of us gave up. And by the end of this week we will stand there on that slippery track with twelve girls who can be really proud on what they have achieved these last couple of weeks.

Here comes the nervous part. Ever since our last scrimmage training – were I managed to fall like an ass and hurt my neck while leaving the penalty box – nerves have been creeping up on me. At night I wake up all sweaty because I dreamt that I couldn’t find my way to the box or because my laces got caught up between my wheels which causes me to fall and thereby taking down all of my teammates and none of the ADD-girls. While awake I go over all of the rules in my head and start panicking whenever I’m in doubt over a certain rule. I keep telling myself to make sure I know how many minors I have before starting a new jam, to keep an eye on the refs and to keep that big mouth of mine shut when I get a penalty. I try and keep the Olympic thought in my mind “competing is more important than winning”, but I would be on hell of liar if I said I wasn’t in it for the win.

I have no idea yet how I’m going to feel on Sunday, but it seems rather likely that I’m gonna puke before I set one foot on that track. It comforts me to know that most of my other teammates kind of feel the same way.

Yesterday we had our last rally. We’ve cleaned up our skates, changed our wheels and laces, tied down loose straps on knee- and elbow pads, etc. There is nothing more we can do than ride hard on Sunday and enjoy the moment!

If I have succeeded in making you curious about are game on Sunday and how we did, I’d advice you to keep a sharp eye on our facebook– & twitter-page and our website.
‘Cause this story, hasn’t been told yet!!!!

Truly yours,
Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!


Btw: take a peep at our Line-up for Sunday’s game:

©Ian Roofthooft

OLRD’s are proud to present:
An C Hammer 64
C.C. Titmouse 85
Chicka Lee 337
Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! 9.81
Tasj Mahal 19
Hipshot 89
Cherry Moshpit 07
Sofie Hell-Is-Back-ster 44
Electric Alice 220v
Pit-Fire 21
Whiplash Stacy 76
Lolli Chop 82

ADD are equally proud to present:

© Amsterdam Derby Dames

Sweet ‘n’ Sinister
San Solo
Vegan Vengeance
Eliza Do Damage
Kim Wilde
Belle Anger
Lola Rock ‘n’ Rolla
Nasty Moves
Abs of Steel
Minnie Mischief