SoG Bout 10: Rotterdam Death Row Honeys vs Amsterdam Derby Dames (5th & 6th place) [11.11.2012, by C.C. Titmouse & Scaricia]

The battle for the highest possible place in the ranking continues, as 2 Dutch teams, Rotterdam Death Row Honeys and Amsterdam fight fort hat 5th & 6th spot in the SoG-ranking.

During the warm-up, they showed some nice piece of comradeship by skating amongst one another in a joint warm-up.

Hurricane Hales from Amsterdam got injured halfway through the first half of the game.  The whole hall went silent. Until now, (luckily) nobody got injured during our very first Benelux Roller Derby Tournament. We were happy to see her get back on her feet and the bout continued.

Haltime Score: Amsterdam: 44 vs 40 Rotterdam

Some nice offensive play by Furrocious (ADD), who easily got her jammer, Abs Of Steel, through the pack several times. Both teams are playing very aggressive, they’re abviously a good match for one another. Big hits & some nice teamwork.

Rotterdam shows good teamwork, making strong walls and excellent jammer-blocker communication! They definitely know how to recycle to keep the jammer in the back.

Vegan Vengeance is no stranger to fast, agile jamming. She easily takes advantage of every possible powerjam. But Rotterdam doesn’t give their point for free, both ADD & Rotterdam have to fight for every point.

Abs of Steel is known to be a very firm blocker, and she uses her assets to her adventage. Rotterdam gets to feel the track several times thanks to her hits!

Rotterdam showing dance moves during an official time out = always awesome!

Very efficient star pass to vegan vengeance, who did not manage to score points, but did prevent the jammer from Rotterdam to score some more.

Another example of their amazing comradeship: hugging on the track mid-bout. Two and a half minutes to go!

Ezekel from ADD is a small and fast jammer, she has been putting up a hard fight all weekend. Did a good power jam.

Last jam: Whippin Red Siren going in for the kill and breaking though the pack instantly twice in a row. But upon calling of the jam, gets sent to the penalty box. It is all coming to an end with a power jam for Jamakaze. Final score: 137-46. And of course, a ginormous group hug by both teams at the end of it all.


C.C. Titmouse & Scaricia




SoG Bout 9: Blackland RKR Charleroi vs Namur Roller Girls (7th & 8th place) [11.11.2012, by Hitme Fierce]

First whistle on the second day of this tournament and the excitement of the skaters can be felt in each corner of the venue. After Namur lost their previous bout in the final seconds, they were going to fight for this one. The outcome of this game would decide which team would end on the 8th and 7th place of this tournament.

During the first half, Blackland was in control the majority of the time. Their pivot, Madame Denfer, did some great dynamic blocking and their jammer worked hard (even got a jammer lap point).
After five minutes Namur got a powerjam, but the Blackland walls were so tight, the Namur jammer could only pass once. Getting the score to 27-19 in favor of Blackland.

This game was very aggressive and at times even a bit chaotic. This resulted in a lot of trips to the box for both teams. Namur got a lot of points out of the resulting powerjams. Closing in on Charleroi with 40-37.

When B.Gaze (Namur) was jamming against Hurry Rollin’k-n (Blackland), B.Gaze managed to get lead jammer status but was quickly sent off for a major cutting. Before Namur could use this, their jammer was also sent to the box for a major cutting. Scores were barely influenced: 45-42 for Blackland.

Blackland noticed the growing confidence in Namur and they responded by letting Aline Decat #6 do a massive powerjam getting the score up to 60-42.

The end of the first half was marked by many” meat piles” and excessive trips to the box for both teams.

Half time score: 87-54 in favor of Blackland!

In the second half, Namur was stepping on it. With jammer  No Name #77 in the box, Namur really got the chance to close in on Blackland. After leaving the box, #77 was expelled for insubordination. While the crowd went wild for B.Gaze #C4, she worked hard to get some points up on the scoreboard: 103-113 for Namur with 12 remaining minutes on the clock.

When Aline Decat #6 (Blackland) was sent to the box,  Angry Ladybug #6699 had the chance to enlarge the gap even more. Blazing through the pack like a maniac, she reached 103-133. Namur fans were screaming their lungs out!

But if the last bout from yesterday taught us anything, it’s that everything is still possible in the last minutes. With 8 minutes still on the clock, Hurry Rollin’k-n #5.1 from Charleroi, took revenge by narrowing the difference down to 118-133.

Namur blockers Lady Bhurt & O’Gara did a great job keeping Hurry Rollin’k-n behind them and getting their jammer through. It resulted in 125-135 for Namur. But still: 4 more minutes to go so this could get interesting!

And… It did.  🙂

Aline Decat #6 got a powerjam and shifted the advantage: 153 – 143 for Blackland.

Again, the last jam would decide who would win this game. If we need a definition for “Bad timing”, it would be for the Namur jammer to be sent off to the box for a major cutting. The final result: 182-143 for Blackland RKR.

Bites & kisses,

Hitme Fierce



SoG Bout 8: Namur Roller Girls vs Amsterdam Derby Dames [10.11.2012, by Hitme Fierce]

In this final bout of day 1 at the Skates of Glory tournament, the Amsterdam Derby Dames are up against the Namur Roller Girls. They entered the track with only one goal: winning this!

The first half kicks off rather equal. Both teams fight for the lead jammer status, Amsterdam builds some fine defensive walls but the Namur Jammers always seem to find a way through them. Because the Amsterdam Dames’ jammers  often get sent to the penaltybox, Namur can really get an advantage out their powerjams. After the first ten minutes the score is 61-31 for Namur. This went on for the remainder of the first half with Namur running out on Amsterdam even more: half time score: 82 -43.

The second half, Namur jammers were back for more. With B. Gaze jumping the apex during yet another powerjam, they scored another 20 points. With 106-45 on the scoreboard it seemed very likely that Namur was going for the win. But then during the last 10 minutes, Amsterdam was giving it their all. Resulting in a 110-66 score.
Then, the score completely turned as a result of two powerjams for Amsterdam. Big star in all this: Jamakaze! By fiercely breaking through the Namur’s walls, she was able to force 120 – 126 on the scoreboard as an endresult.
The crowd went W I L D! This was an amazing end of the first day, Dames. Very nice work from both teams!

As Rolls Voice said: “Never stop cheering for your team, you never know what will happen”.

We’ll see more from Amsterdam in the 10th bout against Rotterdam!

Bites & kisses,

Hitme Fierce



SoG Bout 7: One Love Roller Dolls vs Brussels Derby Pixies[10.11.2012, by Marieke]

The first wistle of the 2nd Semi-finals of Skates of Glory is blown. We’re watching the amazing Brussels Derby Pixies skating against the One Love Roller Dolls. The team that wins this bout gets through to the finals of Skates of Glory and will have to compeet against the Go-Go Ghent Roller Girls!

The Pixies’ Jammer is the first one to get out of the pack. She takes a 4 point-lead for her team! Both teams seem to get of to an equal start. In the first 10 minutes of the bout we can see some smart jamming. Points are rising slowly when half of the first 10 jams are called off at 0 points for both teams. One Love is just leading by a few points now.

Just a few minutes later the Pixies’ jammer gets sent of to the penalty box, this means that Humpme Bogart (00) gets the chance to make the gap between both teams bigger. And, does she! Humpme throws out a massive powerjam, scoring 28 points for the One Love Roller Dolls!

The first half comes to an end, the hosting team is leading with 68 points against 19.

Second period of bout #7… The Pixies Jammer is the first one to come out of the pack. But Antwerp’s jammer, Eve’il X, makes sure that no points are scored in this jam. Both teams are throwing some hits and we can see good blocking.

Brussels is still trying to keep all doors closed and fighting for every point! Sunshine (753s) of the Brussels Derby Pixies manages to get through the pack fist, but didn’t pass all blockers in a legal way and therefore she doesn’t get the lead jammer status. Eve’il X is pushing against a strong wall of Pixies-blockers, making her way through the pack and finally coming out as the lead jammer. In her scoring pass she receives a big hit throwing her 4ft out of the track and gets a major. One Love’s Jammer is in the penalty box, giving Brussels a chance to catch up. Sunshine is pushing against the Antwerp-wall and gets sent of the track with a major penalty. Eve’il X is back in the game. Before any points are scored the refs call off the 2-minute-jam.

With the Pixies’ jammer still in the penalty box, Roller Doll Ellen O.P. Bruise scores a power jam of 9 points.

Number 6, Todestrieb gets lead jammer status and scores 3 points when two of the Antwerp’s blockers are sitting out their time in the penalty box. Good jam, called of at the right time leaving the One Love Roller Dolls with 0 points.

One Love’s skater, Cherry Moshpit (07), gets a hard hit from her teammate’s skate. Both get up quickly and they skate out the jam. One knee is taken when #07 is still dizzy. She is OK, but sits out the next few jams.

In the last jam Ellen O.P. Bruise scores 5 point in her first scoring pass. Brussels’ jammer, Poison Amy, scores 4 point for her team after she got up from a big hit. One Love’s jammer brings home another 4 points. The last wistle is blown ending the bout with a final score of 126 for the strong One Love Roller Dolls against 44 for the amazing Brussels Derby Pixies!

Tomorrow the Antwerp Roller Dolls will be playing against the Go-Go Ghent Roller girls in the finals! Make sure you don’t miss this!!




SoG Bout 4: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Brussel Derby Pixies [10.11.2012, by McKenna Gita Witness]

Pixies Upset Amsterdam in a off-your-seats nail-biter.

The Brussels Derby Pixies seeded 6 dominated against Amsterdam seeded the first half leading the 77-39.  This game has been affected by 3 power jams in favor of the Pixies allowing them to score 40 points in each of these 3 power james.   Amsterdam is not giving up without a fight, forcing each Jammer in this first half earn their points.  Pixies and Amsterdam forcing each jammer to work hard for all their points with their equally dominant solid walls.

The second half saw a continuous lead changes and in Jam 18, Jamakaze in a 20 point jam puts Amsterdam back in the game with a score of 60 Amsterdam, 79 Pixies.  In the next few jams, ADD nickel and dimes their way to the top.  In the final, nail biter minutes of the game there was a jam for jam lead change by both the Pixies and ADD.  In the last Jam it was Mamacita Matadora, without a doubt at the strongest blocker/pivot of the Pixies with the Jammer Pantie.  In a bad turn for ADD the final jam a 1 point game advantage Pixies became a Power Jam, which Mamacita carried out until the final score 118 Pixies and 108 Amsterdam.  No doubt recent hosts to Rat City All Star and Trainer of Getsome Athletics, Carmen Getsome, the Pixies displayed strategic dominance.


McKenna Gita Witness



SoG Bout 3: One Love Roller Dolls vs Namur Roller Girls [10.11.2012, by Vicious Something]

Bout 3, get rrready for some action of the home team, the One Love Roller Dolls from Antwerp. The Skates of Glory-organizers were facing the Namur Roller Girls in their first bout on their very own tournament.

I don’t have to tell you how extra motivated they were, do I? And OLRD’s jammer Ellen O.P. Bruise decided to put some sugar on top, by putting a 20-0 score on the scoreboard during the first jam.
But Namur was fighting, hard. After a powerjam they managed to get their score up to 41-22.
But then again, OLRD was also fighting, even harder. In one jam, all 4 OLRD blockers managed to get a major penalty (not at the same time, of course) but still the Namur jammer couldn’t get through the pack once. Some awesome teamwork by C.C. Titmouse, Humpme Bogart, ‘t Biejst and Saxia F, right there! For the rest of this 1st period, Namur’s score went from 30 to 33, whereas OLRD went up to 92. OLRD’s speedskating jammer Andreia must have had something to do with that. She was in the penalty box at the start of a jam and was still able to get a jammer lap point when she got out.
Halftime score: 92-33

After the break, OLRD started off very fierce, with awesome jamming work from Wham! Bam! Wonterjam and Chicka Lee. Namur just couldn’t get through the pack, while C.C. Titmouse and Sin Alley just kept doing what they are good at: hitting and blocking as if their lives were depending on it. The score was already up to 135-39, when Namur found their second breath. They managed to become lead jammer a few times and/or having a powerjam with their name written all over it.
Unfortunately, this was not enough to stop the One Love Roller Dolls from winning this bout. Final score: 175-79.

Vicious Something 😉


SoG Bout 2: Rotterdam Death Row Honeys vs Rockcity Rollers [10.11.2012, by Vicious Something]

And for the second bout of this tournament, Skates of Glory brought the spectators a battle of the Dutchies! The Rotterdam Death Row Honeys were facing the Rockcity Rollers from Eindhoven.

Rockcity surely didn’t miss their start. Eventhough both teams’ skills seemed evenly matched, the scoreboard told us another story. In no time we saw a 10-80’ish score on the scoreboard. A few minutes before the break though, Rotterdam managed to triple their score, thanks to an impressive powerjam. Halftime score: 32-93

The second period started off with a great jam for Rotterdam, as their oh so fierce jammer Whippin’ Red Siren #10 got lead jammer and scored 7 very important points, against 0 for Eindhoven.
Unfortunately for the Death Row Honeys, this were some of their last points in this bout. Eindhoven managed to become lead jammer in almost every jam of this period. Marcie MissBehave #36 doing a great job there. In the few jams where Rotterdam was lead jammer, the lead jammer got a major penalty, resulting in a power jam for Eindhoven. In total, there were 5 powerjams in this period.

Even though the game looked pretty close and blockers and jammers were fighting their asses off, the final score showed us a big difference: 46-223.

Vicious Something 😉