What the H*ll is roller derby?

On behalf of the entire team, welcome to the first Antwerp flat track roller derby league!

One Love Roller Dolls is an all-female roller derby league, representing the Antwerp region in the exciting and fast growing roller derby revolution currently sweeping the low lands. We were founded in February 2010, and continue to grow everyday with new recruits.

Roller derby is played by two opposing teams, each of five players, moving in a counterclockwise path on a circuit-shaped track. A team consists of one jammer (scorer), three blockers (defenders) and one pivot (last defender). A roller derby game is made of two 30-minute periods, each devided to several 2-minute periods called jams. Between each jam there is a 30-second break in which each team puts up a new set of players on the track.

On the track, the pack (made up of the pivots and blockers of both teams) starts the jam when the referee blows the first whistle. Then the jammers move, once the second whistle is blown. During the jam, each jammer scores one point for each opposing pivot/blocker they overpass. However, the scoring starts only on the jammer’s second overpass. Pivots and blockers assist their own jammer through the pack by physically, yet legally, blocking the opposing jammer. They may only use body parts from the upper mid-thigh body. The use of hands & elbows, foot-tricks and any hit aiming the head are penalized.

So; jam FAST, pivot SMART, block HARD, and let roller derby give a new meaning to beauty (and feminism).

One Love Roller Dolls



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