Our Boys Without Toys

There’s the kind of news we can’t wait to share with you (bouts! events! wins! happy!) and there’s the kind we hate to publish. Unfortunately this is of the latter kind.

CC / DJ Bass on Flickr

sad skate is sad
CC / DJ Bass on Flickr

*¨%#@! thieves struck again, this time parting 3(!) of our dear members with their beloved gear. Not even at the same place, time or event, but 3 separate cases, in barely 3 weeks time.

First, Hero Joe’s complete skate kit got stolen from his car booth. Although the good news is, he will be refunded for his lost items through the insurance company, but he is missing his beloved old  pair of Antiks, a set of brand new  boots and all his protective gear (total loss: above € 1.000) nonetheless.

Then, our photographer Piggy Stardust got robbed of his camera and his favourite camera lens. We’re lucky and grateful to have a dedicated and talented photographer like Ian in our midst (almost all pictures published to our channels are his), so we hate to see this happen to him. His damages are around € 1.500.

Finally Huge Refner’s gear bag got stolen from Dr. Dop’s car booth last weekend. He lost his skates, protective gear, ref clothes, wheels, as well as his (non-derby) engagement ring he got from Humpme Bogart, some of her wheels, and other tidbits. The total cost of their lost gear equals around a painful € 1.000.

3 of our guys robbed in 3 weeks. It almost sounds unreal…

But let’s make getting Huge back on skates and Piggy snapping hot shots a reality. Let them know you care, by dropping them a message here or giving a small donation. Even if you give just enough to buy a pair of skate laces, if 50 people do the same, they can buy wheels as well.

So let’s brighten Hero Joe’s, Piggy’s and Huge’s day a bit and show them some derby love. Donate to Piggy and Huge trough this link or the Paypal button below. Make sure you mention who you’re donating to or make 1 donation for both guys. If no specific dividing is specified, your donation will be split 50/50 among the two.


Thank you so much in advance.

One Love.


Happy Birthday Sir SkateAlot! [05.02.2013]

Our coach, Sir SkateAlot, became 55 years young today!
We’d like to wish him a very happy Birthday, by letting the wishes speak for itself:

© Ian Roofthooft

© Ian Roofthooft

Sir SkateAlot, happy happy birthday!!
We all wish you a nice day, a good party with lots of presents….

No doubt your girls will take care of that 🙂

Enjoy and see you on the track soon!

Rockcity Rollers, Eindhoven


Beste coach,

Twee jaar en 1 dag geleden mochten we je verwelkomen in onze club. Je staat mee aan de basis en hebt de league hervormd naar wat de OLRD nu is. We needed that kick.

Bedankt voor je inzet, ik wens je een zeer fijne verjaardag.

Lolli Chop – OLRD


By the Holy Spirit,

We wish you the best for all you can imagine, you,the saint-patron from all the belgian derby girls!
So , Happy Happy Birthday!!

Love, the Holy Wheels Menace


Beste Coach! Ik wens je een fantastische verjaardag toe en wil u bedanken voor al uw geduld met ons!!
Je bent een TOP-Coach! En ik hoop dat we nog lang kunnen genieten van de trainingen!
Vele Derby-verjaardagskussen van Pink Bull (OLRD)


Dear Dirk/ Sir Skatalot/ Lords of the merbs,

We got to know you 2 years ago and boy did we learn a whole sh*tload of derby!
We have a lot to thank to you and for that we’re very greatful.
Amazing how we could always rely on you and the One Love Roller Dolls if we had questions or what so ever…
So a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 YOU, from all the bunnies, to our ‘Yoda’! 😉
We hope you’ll enjoy your day! Make it a good one!
Lots of derbylove from all of us!

Sincerely yours,

Mad Twat Her
Bad Bunny Rollers Menen


Happy bday Coach Dirk!!! 55 and still rollin’!
I wanna thank you for buggin’ me and making me start this new skating career,
it was just what I needed! 😉 Hope I can make you proud! Ahah
I wish you a great season and lots of sucess for the seasons to follow!

Big hug,

Andreia – OLRD


Happy Birthday from Charleroi!

May this day be the sweetest to you, and thank you for all the help and learnings you provided us and so many other people in derby world!

See you soon hopefully!!!

Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers


Happy Happy Birthday Dirk ! To the amazing coach you are!

Foxy Feather – OLRD


Dear Sir,

Even if we must confess we are soooo impressed everytime we see you around a derby track, we couldn’t imagine not use the occasion of your birthday to thank you for everything you did for our beloved sport! Best wishes!

Skinny Revenge for the Freaky Mons’ter Derby Ladies.


Carpool maatje, een heel gelukkige verjaardag gewenst!

Queen Of The Road Rage – OLRD


Champagne en tart à volonté. De conditie is nog altijd OK. Daarom vandaag eens goed vieren en morgen een aspirientje versieren! Happy Bday!!

Isabelle – OLRD


Dirk! Je oneindige inzet en liefde voor de rollersport maakt dat niemand de naam Sir SkateAlot meer waard is dan jij! Een dikke vette merci en een heel gelukkige verjaardag!

Electric Alice – OLRD


Beste Dirk,

55 jaar!
Het is amper te vatten waar je de moed en doorzetting haalt om je actief te engageren binnen een (initieel) vrouwensport! In dat opzicht voelt het alsof we de verjaardag van één van onze Dolls vieren (daar kan vast rekening mee gehouden worden, wat het outfit betreft) ;-). Ik wens je dan ook niets dan sportiviteit en (onze) overwinningen toe op je 55ste, lead the way, coach! 😉

Happy Bday!

C.C. Titmouse – OLRD


Je bent de hart en ziel van ons team… Je bent er altijd, met weer en wind en hebt ons als team (met al haar individuen) laten groeien en naar meerdere overwinningen weten te leiden. Dankje!

Gelukkige verjaardag!



Liefste Dirk,

Mogen je prachtige grijze haren nog lang in onze bearings blijven plakken!
Van harte en een gelukkige verjaardag!

Ellen O.P. Bruise – OLRD


For sure, the landscape of Belgian roller derby wouldn’t be the same without you, you learned so much to all of us!
Happy birthday dear (teddy) bear!

Agatha Power ‘Tum Tum’, Freaky Mons’Ter Derby Ladies


 © Ian Roofthooft

Happy Birthday from all of us!

Happy Birthday Lolli Chop! [12.08.2011]

© Cherry Moshpit

Lolli Chop: Skater of the YEAR!!

Lolli Chop started out as a little figurine skater when she was only six years old. Although the figure skating wasn’t really what she was going for, she did it for six years. After this career she stored her roller skates for quite a while. It was only fifteen years later that she rediscovered her passion for roller skating. She stumbled upon the oh so exciting sport “roller derby” on google and the rest as we say…is history.

Lolli Chop  founded the OLRD. She came up with the idea to start a team in Antwerp, roamed the internet to find other girls who were interested to go and play roller derby, found a location to train hard and began forming a team. It’s needless to say that roller derby and her team in particular mean the world to her.

Today she turns twenty-nine – although she looks no older then twenty-six – and this is the perfect occasion to put her in the spotlights. (Yezz Lolli, we know you don’t like it so much when we draw attention to you, but we’re doing it anyway.)

As a skater, Lolli Chop is driven and pushes herself towards greatness…. She reads about derby, watches tutorials, trains hard, goes to bouts whenever she can and if she can’t make it al the way across the earth for a game, she’ll watch it on the internet. She is more than dedicated to the sport and it shows. Lolli Chop can jam, she can block and she is an amazing pivot. She masters her skills and sets an example to us all.  When out there with her derby-wife An C Hammer, nothing or no one can stop them. No wonder she’s our team Captain!

She may look like Snow White at first sight, but when on the track she will devour you like the wolf did with little red riding hood’s granny

As a person, Lolli Chop is even greater. She has an amazing personality and her perseverance and dedication are remarkable. Lolli strives for perfection and will not rest until the result is completely satisfying. She’s an independent young woman who puts heart and soul into her work, family and friends, her sport and love live. She’s also pretty emotional, funny, caring, and did I mention “good looking”? 😉 Choppie (as I like to call her) has learnt to be a great team player over the last year. She shares her knowledge and is always prepared to learn from others. Her motivational speeches will become legendary, as soon as she gets over the fear of talking when there’s a crowd watching her. In a mostly “all women’s team” things don’t always go serene or smooth, but we all know that we can rely on each other when needed. And I for one hope that Lolli Chop knows that all of our girls are here for her, like she is always there for us!

We love you Choppie and we hope you have an amazing and derby-filled birthday!! Enjoy every little bit of it, because you deserve it!!

“Oh Captain, our Captain”

From your team: the One Love Roller Dolls!
(written by Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!)



© Amsterdam Derby Dames

Happy Rollin’ Birthday sweetheart!
We are so happy we got to know you and we were able to do different things together with our leagues. You are a fierce but sweet lady and we are all so happy you founded the Dolls.
Have a great birthday in London!!
Hugs and love from Amsterdam

Amsterdam Derby Dames





© Suvi Hokkari

Lolli Chop,
Happy birthday, Hyvää syntymäpäivää! Your team must be glad to have a girl like you: you are one of the friendliest interleagues I´ve met so far.
Keep up the good work and stay golden! 

Suvi Hokkari
Helsinki Roller Derby







© Ian Rwb

I wish you one derby- full year , and the many others to come!
We all know you deserve even much more 🙂  
My birthday wish to you may be short, but you know how large and big my derbylove and gratitude is towards you 😉
With this, I wish you again a happy birthday, and that with every candle you blow away, a derby wish of yours comes true .

Derbysister love, 

Nisfit Hussy
Brussels Derby Pixies



© Stijn Van Minnebruggen

Allerliefste Lolli,

♪We wish you a happy birthday ♪
♪ We wish you a happy birthday ♪
♪We wish you a happy birthday ♪
♪And a hell of a bout!!! ♪

En een dikke merci voor alles, het is super om bij de One Love Roller Dolls te spelen!!!!

Lots of derby love,
Tasj Mahal & Tiny Tim
One Love Roller Dolls



© Roland Verbruggen



Happy Bday baby, and thanks for letting me skate again 🙂

Rol’and Rock
One Love Roller Dolls




© Ian Rwb


Ook een woordje van ‘de mammie’ mag niet ontbreken he Bol? Waar is de tijd dat je nog een ‘bolleke’ was ?  De foto-albums liegen er niet over. Maar naast de foto’s en tekeningen zit je natuurlijk diep in mijn hart, zelfs met sommige scherpe kantjes, maar dat maakt je nu net uniek he. Mijn allerliefste schat, een gelukkige verjaardag toegewenst door papa en mijzelf  en een heeeeeeeeeeeeeel  dikke knuffel !!!!!!!!!!!  We love you

Odette Dendas a.k.a. Lolli Chop’s mom






A huge Superdeluxemegahappy B-day to my derbywife Lolli Chop! ❤ hugz n Kisses!
An C Hammer
One Love Roller Dolls





© Bravehurt


Hey Lolli,
We met at EROC & it was the first time I saw tiny Lolli 🙂
But I remember this memorable evening very well. We talked Frenglish perfectly, to finish the night in a kebab-place at East Berlin 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in London or anywhere in Europe 🙂
Happy Birthday Lolli Chop !!!! Joyeux anniversaire Lolli Chop !!!!

Roller Derby Team Toulouse




We wouldn’t be here without you
We wouldn’t have met so much friends without you
We wouldn’t have so much fun without you
And we wouldn’t kick so much ass without you!!!
You are irreplaceable!

Love joe!!!

One Love Roller Dolls




© Blauwe Bill


Lolli Chop,
you sweet, sweet stick of roller derby goodness. It’s great to train with you, better to know you and I look forward to the day that I get to see you on the track again!

Have a wonderful birthday!
Lots of love,
Blauwe Bill



Dear Lolli Chop,

© Ian Rwb

About how we met: It was a very cold meeting. Freezing to be more precise. Despite the 3 hour slippery ride from Amsterdam to Antwerp, through cold and snow, and some of our girls being sick after the shoot in the freezing parking lot, the MTV shooting was loads of fun!
Cold? As Limpin’ Lilly pointed out at the end of the day: “Look, the snow that fell inside at the beginning of the day, still hasn’t melted…” (!) 🙂
But: the acquaintance with the Antwerp Derby girls and especially Lolli Chop, was a very heartwarming adventure 🙂
I am very proud we got to be invited to such a “cool” happening, that we got to skate with the One Love Roller Dolls and that I got to meet you, Lollichop.
Then there were some scrimmages, bootcamps, trainings, Friends and Family Days. All of the meetings with Lollichop (and with the rest of the Antwerp girls also :-)) were awesome fun filled adventures.
And Lollichop herself? Boy, does the girl look lovely, smile cute and hit hard! The perfect example of a nice derby girl 🙂
Despite of the difficult things on your way, you manage to keep smiling and spread the derby love in your own cute cuddling joyful way.
You are a very special, loving girl and I hope we get to meet a lot and have much more weird/fun/exciting happenings!

*knuffff* xx

Belle Anger
Amsterdam Derby Dames





Hi Lovely Chop !
NRG wish you a Happy Birthday and a great year full of derbylooove !
We hope to see you again soon.

Namur Roller Girls




© Jean Paul

 My dear girl Lolli Chop.
On behalf of the Rockcity Rollers I wish you a very happy birthday. You are the first person ever to invite us for a mixed training and we never felt more welcome than that first time in Antwerp. I can’t imagine you having a bad day ever, because you run the team with so much love and enthusiasm. And you even have more love to give to all the teams across Europe. Always with a smile. We hope to receive much more cuddles from you in the future and remain learning from your PMA!

Lots of love,

Killah Illah
Rockcity Rollers



© Val Killer



you know the true meaning of sharing the derbylove!
Happy B-day!

Bad Bunnie Rollers




© Nico Caignie


I don’t even think I got to celebrate your previous bday with you, but here we are, 1 year later and look at us now (full of wrinkles and bruises ;p). A lot can happen in one year, a lot has happened in 1 year and a lot of those things are mainly thanks to you. For me personally you’ve made it possible to find a sport I truly adore, where I can be myself and live out my biggest frustrations (hence the wanting to be a n°4 ;p). You make me feel like being part of a team and I can’t help but feel proud of all the things we’ve accomplished (all of us Dolls!). You like to be in control (some things don’t change over the years ;p), but from now on you can take that as a compliment. Because we simply wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. Passionate, dedicated, loving and caring, but oooh so fierce on skates. Daaaaaaamn girl, those signature moves of you sure make me flirt with that -out-of-bounds-line (I said ‘flirt’, not going out!) #ghehe. You’re one of the most versatile skaters on our team and not only am I proud of OLRD, I’m proud of you (even if it’s not my place, I STILL AM! :p). You took some big steps this year and it looks like 2011 might be your year, our year, taking over THE WOOORLD #evil laugh! I hope you know I’m truly grateful for every single little thing that you do for me, for us and we’re gonna make sure you’ll have the best time this weekend (VIP BABY!). Because that’s how we roll, derbystyle!

Enjoy gorgeous!
C.C. Titmouse
One Love Roller Dolls

© Ian Rwb


Hey captain,

Voor ons ben je onmisbaar.  Als het nodig is vinden we misschien wel iemand anders die in uw plaats kan rolschaatsen. Misschien is er ook nog wel iemand te vinden die even slim de groep kan leiden. Iemand die de boel georganiseerd houdt, alles in de gaten houdt en opvolgt, tja als het moet kunnen we dat wel.
Maar die glimlach van je, die ons zegt ‘ik ben een vriendin waar je kan op rekenen’. Hoe zouden we zonder kunnen?

Je coach
Sir SkateAlot
One Love Roller Dolls
– coach



Happy Birthday from all of us!

Joint practice w. Suvi Hokkari & Belle Anger, by C.C. Titmouse [25.07.2011]

©Ian Rwb

So yesterday we had Suvi Hokkari (ex-Bananaspit) from the HellCity Rollers & Belle Anger from the Amsterdam Derby Dames over at practice. Apparently they’re on some kind of derby-road trip (which sounds like the coolest version of the traditional road trip imho ;p). We were happy to hear they decided to grant us with their prescence at our little skating rink. Suvi & Belle agreed on running the training for the day & we were curious to see what they had to offer.

©Ian Rwb

It’s always nice to have guest coaches over at practise to learn something about derby from another point of view. We were all good pupils, eager to show what we can do. It was a good learning experience and we were taught some jumping skills (derbylingo, not the dancestyle, hell no! :p). More jammerexcercises than we’re used to, but good basics to elaborate on for future trainings! We worked hard and the exercises were fun, yet useful to do.

©Ian Rwb

Although I’ve learned from experience that Belle is quite the blocker, she’s ‘out of play’ (hé, get it ;p) for a bit, due to a knee injury :s Still, she’s reffing while she gives her knees the time to heal, which is soooo cool of her. Even when she’s not actively ‘playing’, she’s still learning by reffin & NSO’ing and going around the world from bootcamp to shared practises etc. We’re always happy to have her over and will visit Amsterdam real soon. Personal guide, cheeeeck! 😉

©Ian Rwb

We’ve met Suvi before at the Anarchy in the UK tournament earlier this year. She’s quite the socialite herself, spreading the Finnish love throughout derbyland. She too is moving around a lot, meeting up with different leagues, good PR-lady ;-). She managed to train a team of skaters, who she never saw skating before. So levelwise it couldn’t have been easy to figure out which excercises would be useful etc. But she kept us on our toe(s)tops & made us work it! We absolutely loved her training and hope she’ll visit us again in the near future!

After practise, we couldn’t leave these lovely ladies to themselves, so Lolli Chop, Saxia F, Sir SkateAlot, Face First, Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! & myself invited them to the centre of Antwerp, where we went to have some drinks and a little bite to eat. Suvi brought her boyfriend who was instantly thrown into the derbytalk. Poor him ;-). Talking about lickingstrategies and idolising known derbygirls, the conversation went from league-experience to tequila to crazy diets, which was fun ;p. When in Belgium (even for 1 day!) you should try our beers, so 1 Vedett, a couple of Duvels and a Tripple Karmeliet later, we’ve gained us some Belgian Beer-fans *woohoo*.

Our plan to get them drunk so they’d stay over for the week failed, but at least we’ve got an excellent and learnful experience to look back on!

©Ian Rwb

See you soon, girls!


C.C. Titmouse

My roller derby life-story, by An C Hammer [03.06.2011]

©Ian Rwb

I never met roller derby before reading an article  about roller skating girls, in an online magazine that came by accident (even I think it is faith) in my mailbox! From that day on I started looking up some things about this fascinating sport I never heard of or saw it in real life. I found a team in Ghent and thought it was too bad, being so far away from where I live, to go there 3 times a week to practice. So I put a message on their facebook page telling them these exact words.

©Alex Baumans

Five minutes after that message was up, I received an email from a girl, who in derby life is known as Lolli Chop, who told me she was a former Gent GO-GO Roller Girl, but lives near Antwerp and wanted to start her own team. She offered to start this team with me, her sister (Cherry Moshpit) and Queen Sil. Of course I would!! I love roller and ice skating since I was a little girl. Practiced little dancing moves in the street on my flashy old school blue and yellow quads. And since I had nothing better to do, then sit around & make time go by, I decided it was the adventure I needed to get some new excitement in my life.

So we started chatting, messaging and all 4 of us met at One Love Boardshop (our ‘One Love’ Partner in Crime) in Antwerp. After that we went for a drink and a meal together and put up a whole plan to get things going. Before we knew it, we had our first Fresh Meat Day and found a place to skate: Klopstokia in Deurne.

©Roaring Tiger

Today, we are 1 year and 4 months further and we have put together a team. We have a bunch of awesome fresh meats, practice 3 times a week, did a couple of scrimmages and are slowly but certainly planning our first real bout. I even have a derby wife, Lolli Chop! Never thought an unknown person could become a friend for life in such little time, along with 30 other girls! 🙂 Me, who only hung around with the boys before, lol.

It’s excitement all along the way. But all these accomplishments don’t come easy. I’ve worked hard to get here, and I am still working my butt off every practice to become a better player for myself and for my team. We all do! And it isn’t always easy, because sometimes you lose patience, you have the feeling of not getting where you want, and you think everyone is passing you by. I’ve never practiced a sport like roller derby before, so it is totally normal, that things don’t always tend to go smoothly.

©Lolli Chop

Sometimes it seems the world is standing still for you, and others are skating by as if there is nothing going on. But that’s where the team comes in, you are never alone and a team supporting you in your good and bad days is the best help you can get for approving in everything in derby world.

Once you start playing roller derby, everything changes, it creates a strong relationship between you and your teammates, you will adapt everything to this new lifestyle without doing anything special, it just happens. The friends you had before roller derby aren’t lost, but it’s not the same. Teammates are sharing frustrations, happiness, victory, losses and a whole lot of emotions you wouldn’t share that intensively with others. Not a day in my life goes by, without roller derby.

©Starsky Zoolander

Roller derby is more than just a sport, it’s friends, family and a new way of living. In my case, an enriched way of living! So thank you One Love Roller Dolls, I love you all!


An C Hammer


C.C. Titmouse looks back on an awesome Friends- & Family Day [22.05.2011]

So…where do I even start! 😉

The 22nd of May, our very own Friends- & Family Day took place at the roller rink of Klopstokia in Deurne (Antwerp). We’ve worked so hard to get here, to make our Friends- & Family Day (Lowlands-scrimmage included) happen! It was nerve wracking & sleep depriving, but it was all worth it, because IT.WAS.AWESOME!

© Ian Rwb

We’ve challenged all the NL-teams to form some sort of All Star NL-team, so we could scrimmage against the best of what The Netherlands have to offer. We’ve had so many entries and so many levels that we organised 2 scrimmages in order to give them all the opportunity to play.

© Ian Rwb

First off an all NL-scrimmage between a mixed team of different leagues (intermediate level). Since scrimmages are meant for learning some of our OLRD-players offered to coach the teams. Whiplash Stacy & Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! for The Motley Shrews (in white) & Lolli Chop & Cherry Moshpit for The Black Widows (in black). Both teams gave their all, and I’m sure it was a great learning experience for all teams. In the end, The Black Widows won with a magnificent 144 vs 84-score.

© Ian Rwb

Next up was the NL vs BE-scrimmage with The Bloody Oranges (NL All Star-team) vs The One Love Roller Dolls (intermediate level). Speaking as a One Love Roller Doll; we were all tired, stressed as f*ck, but were looking forward to this day for a long time now.

© Ian Rwb

With 3 of our skaters ‘out’ due to injuries & therefore having to play with only 9 girls, we were afraid of the outcome. But then again, The Bloody Oranges had never had a chance to practice together, so we both had our disadvantages.

Overall, we really had to fight our way through to gain points on that scoreboard, they sure as hell weren’t going to let us pass easily. Everyone was pumped up & ready to kick some ass (and my ass felt it alright ;p), so there were quite a lot of penalties and injuries. Mostly after halftime, when all of our 9 players got really tired, An C Hammer fell down one too many times (on the same knee) and was taken off-track with a possible posterior cruciate ligaments-injury. We felt the pressure of losing, yet another, jammer and had to step up our game.

© Ian Rwb

But The Bloody Oranges were unstoppable! I too felt some great hits & hip checks and can only state that the Netherlands have some great blockers. Kudos to Vegan Vengeance, who jammed her way through the pack as if there was nobody trying to stop her. Lovely to see her jam at full force! Monstah Megs showed some excellent packwork, she never let her guard down and kept her eye on (our) jammer.

© Lindsey Himpe

As did NeMaim Morrigan, who blocked me straight down to the floor, BAM! ;-). Great teamwork for a team that had never trained before!

In the end, we won, with an 120 vs 82-outcome & we couldn’t have been happier. We’ve really worked hard to get here and we weren’t necessarily in it for the win (although it’s always fun to win of course ;p). The Bloody Oranges played a nice match, we had great fun, learned tons and hope they did too. I’m sure the pictures and video clips of the game will circulate the internet very soon, but for now I’m still high on memories, looking back on the whole day.

© Saxia F

So what’s up with the One Love Roller Dolls’ future? For us, I think we can seriously consider training for a real bout now, our last 2 scrimmages showed us that we are getting ready for the real deal! I really hope all of our injured players (Chicka Lee, Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!, An C Hammer & Pitfire) are back on track (literally!!) & kicking ass like they normally do! For me, I don’t think I can handle another nerve wracking experience like Sunday, hell I’m never going to survive a real bout *panic* 😀 But we’ll see, the future looks bright for roller derby & it sure looks bright for us right now *whiee* 🙂

© Ian Rwb

Here come the thank you’s! 😉

First off, we’d like to thank all the skaters from the Amsterdam Derby Dames [Amsterdam], Arnhem Fallen Angels [Arnhem], Dom City Dolls [Utrecht], Eastside Rock’n Rollers [Enschede], Rock City Rollers [Eindhoven] & the Rotterdam Deathrow Honeys [Rotterdam] for coming over to Antwerp and share this wonderful day with us.

© Larissa Weyns

Thank you referees Major Madness [Ruhrpott Roller Girls – Essen GER], Rave N’ BustHer [San Diego Derby Dolls – US], Stan-Lee Mess [Dom City Dolls – NL], Mad Gent [Amsterdam Derby Dames – NL] & our very own Huge Refner, Rol’and Rock & Face First. Thank you to all NSO’s (and their leaders Emo Joe & Limpin’ Lilly)!

© Ian Rwb

A big thanks to all of the coaches, Lolli Chop & Cherry Moshpit, Whiplash Stacy & Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!, HurricaneHayles, Asa Spades, & a special thanks to OLRD’s own official coach; Sir SkateAlot. Thanks again to Hero Joe, for being the most awesome Bench- & Line-up Coach evah, & Lolli Chop (again :p) for being a lovely Captain!

A big thank you to those who sponsored our event; Sckrpnch, Lady Rose, Nutcase, One Love Boardshop, Patisserie Manus, LickMyButton & Maxevent for our Team Merch.

©One Love Roller Dolls

And a special thanks to all the volunteers and helpers, Open Kamp Antwerpen for fixing those delicious hot dogs, Klopstokia for handling the bar, Sex’Ass Chainsaw Mascara & her crew for playing the most awesome tunes all day, our announcer Starsky Zoolander for keeping it clear and simple for the audience. Thank you Ian Rwb for taking the most beautiful action pictures, & of course to our own OLRD Freshies for helping out with the global organisation of the Friends- & Family Day!

And thank YOU for being there, our friends- & family, the Gent GO-GO Roller Girls , Brussels Derby Pixies, Bad Bunny Rollers  & ex-OLRD’s for their support, for being a part of it, supporting us and cheering  your guts out! We had a BLAST!!

For more pictures, visit our Facebook page  & pimped out website 😉

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C.C. Titmouse
Head PR, Media & Events



Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! hurts her knee [17/05/2011]

©Sandra Maes

On Sunday 08/05/2011 C.C. Titmouse, Electric Alice, Rol’and Rock, Hero Joe, our coach – Sir SkateAlot and myself competed in the “retro race”, a sub race in an international speedskating event hosted by Skeelerclub Fratelli Team Mechelen. We arrived in our flashy and fabulous outfits and were prepared to show everyone what these One Love Roller Dollswere made off. Turned out these speedskaters, who normally ride on skeelers, were quite fast on quad skates too. Sir SkateAlot did an awesome job and finished in a seventh place. Hero Joe came in right behind them. Me, I managed to keep up with the skaters for like five rounds and then I fell behind. It felt like dying, it was that exhausting.

©Rol'and Rock

Because the race only took ten minutes or so, our coach had suggested that we would go for some endurance training. We were going to skate from Mechelen to Boortmeerbeek and back (ca. 20 km). The weather was beautiful and I felt like a fish in the water. I was super siked about this skating trip alongside the water in the company

of my beloved teammates. I was that excited even that I didn’t manage to stay upright anymore. So after two hundred meters or so, I made an unfriendly acquaintance with the streets of Mechelen. I wasn’t wearing any protection and I totally crashed my knee and elbow. (I could hear my mom’s voice inside my head saying “idiot! That’s what you get for not wearing your gear!”) After a brief, but thorough, fixing by the EHBO medics, I was up and rollin’ again. As said, we went for a 20 km skating trip and it was awesome!!

When I got home, my knee started stiffening and by the time I woke up in the morning I wasn’t able to stretch or bend it anymore. I have a history of knee and back problems, so the first thing that went trough my mind was “not again!”. When I was fifteen years

©Rol'and Rock

old I had to give up my sport because I broke a little piece of my spine. It’s something you can perfectly live with, it just wasn’t ok to keep on training with. It took me quite some time to get over the diagnoses of “no more sports for you young lady”. It was only ten years later that I had the nerve to go out and do some sports on a regular bases again. Roller Derby had become really important for me and the last days I’ve started to realise just how important it has become.

I didn’t want to go see a doctor, not only because I was scared that he was going to hurt me but more so because I feared that he would tell me that my skating days were over. So I hopped around the house and the office on one foot for three days, until everybody was sick and tired off it and my mom almost kicked me to the hospital.

Today I have spent more than three hours in the hospital to see my specialist. I was a nervous wreck and it had been a long time since I was this scared.

The first thing he said to me when he saw me was: “Don’t tell me.. you’ve hurt your back snowboarding?”. Me: “No, my back ‘s doing pretty fine, it’s the knee again and this time I hurt it while skating”. He again: “When will you go and do something normal for a change?”. Me:  “Normal is for the rest of the world”. He laughed, nodded his head and send me to the RX.

©C.C. Titmouse

Fortunately there were no fractures or rips on the RX and it’s probably a serious bruising of the cartilage. He gave me an injection that should take away the pain within a day or three. If I’m still in the same amount of pain after four days, I have to come back for further examination.

The last couple of days it became clear to me that I miss my teammates, I miss the feeling of riding and the thought of having to miss it for quite some time made me really sad. And it scares the sh*t out of me!

On the 22th of May we’ll be hosting our Friends- and Family Day. It’s a day I’ve been looking forward to, because I finally want to show everyone what I’ve been doing so intensively. I want to take this chance to make my parents proud, to show to my friends that I don’t just ditch them but that roller derby has become a passion. One that I’m quite good at too. I would really hate not being able to skate alongside my teammates during this event.

So If you can spare two fingers, please keep ‘em crossed for me! And I hope to see y’all soon!

Yours painfully,

Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!


©One Love Roller Dolls