Hey, you seem to have stumbled on our old weblog, how nice of you to come by. Watch out though, there might be some cobwebs here and there. And sorry if this place has gotten a little dusty… we haven’t been around so much lately.  The thing is, we’ve moved to another website a little while ago, taking a copy of this blog with us. It’s a really nice new place, you should come by! See you at our new mansion:

xoxox – One Love Roller Dolls



Why you should come to our Friends & Family Day [Saxia✩F]

I’ll give you 20 reasons:

  • Because after reading this weblog or several posts you are convinced that you have to see what this roller derby thing is all about
  • Because you saw Whip It!, you still love Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page, wasn’t sold on the story but were grabbed by the sport
  • Because you’re tired of hearing all those roller derby stories from your friend(s) and you never got around to check it out and see what it’s all about
  • Because pink and/or turquoise are your favorite colors
  • Because you like strong, powerful girls
  • Because you like strong, powerful girls in hotpants and fishnets
  • Because you like strong, powerful Dutch and Belgian girls in hotpants and fishnets fighting with eachother
  • Because any or all of the above – on roller skates
  • Because you rarely have the chance to see roller derby dames in action
  • Because you’d like to brag about what you did during the weekend to your colleagues over coffee
  • Because you’re in the neighborhood
  • Because you need an excuse not having to visit your parents in law
  • Because you like cookies/hot dogs/cupcakes
  • Because you need new knee socks/roller gear by Sckrpnch
  • Because you fancy Lady Rose’s jewelry or a cool helmet by Nutcase
  • Because you like to win stuff!
  • Because you like to be around cool peeps, having a coke or a beer, on a sunny Sunday afternoon
  • Because you don’t have an idea what the f’s I’m talking about here (but you have a healthy sense of curiousity)
  • Because you (secretly) dream about being a roller derby chick yourself
  • Because you are aching to buy our merchandise (we get that a lot)

Be there!

✯When: May 22nd 2011

✯Doors: 13:00

✯Where: Rolschaatsbaan Klopstokia, Ruggeveldlaan 484, Deurne (Antwerp)

#1. 13:00 – 15:00 The Black Widows vs Motley Shrews
#2. 15:00 – 17:00 Bloody Oranges 3 vs One Love Roller Dolls

We’re in the cute little roller rink on the right side of the parking lot opposing the ski slope. Admission FREE!

♥, Saxia✩F


Happy birthday to us! [Lolli Chop]

Exactly one year ago, the One Love Roller Dolls were founded. We’re gonna celebrate tonight and blow out our first candle!

Past summer we had Nisfit Hussy coming in. Now she has founded her own league, the Brussels Derby Pixies – which makes me so damn proud. She gave the OLRD the nicest birthday present ever by writing this blog!

In the following weeks, some of our other OLRD-members will post their stories here about the their first steps in becoming a OLRDoll. Stay tuned!

And One Love Roller Dolls, dear team members, thank you for a fantastic year. It has been a pleasure. We’ve got a great future ahead of us. Let the good times roll!

Lolli Chop


Happy B’day Lolli Chop!

Was het gisteren Mama-Doll Lolli Chop (de oprichtster van ons team) die ‘een bescheiden aantal’ kaarsjes uitblies, vandaag vieren we 75 jaar roller derby! Happy birthday, dear passion, bruises, wickedness and awesomeness! We love you Derby, we doooo!

One Love Roller Dolls