Support the OLRD-troops to their Southern Bout Weekend!

From June 28th-30th, the One Love Roller Dolls are heading for their final bout(s) of this season!

On Saturday, the A-team will face “Nothing Toulouse” (Toulouse A) & our B-team will take on Barcelona Roller Derby on Sunday!

– 29/06 – French Connection III – Nothing Toulouse vs. OLRD A – FB Event
– 30/06 – Barcelona Roller Derby vs. OLRD B – FB Event

This (2.800 km’s/1739.8mi back and forth) trip does not come without it’s costs. We still need about €2.000 to fully fund this trip. This amount includes the bus, parking, toll & overnight accommodation (hostel) for 25 people (2 teams). Obviously, the league will fund the biggest part, but we can’t pay the whole amount.

That is why we’d love it if YOU could help us get there! Every cent counts!

Hit that “donate” button:


We thank you in advance, we’ll work very hard these following weeks to make it worth your while!

© Cherry Moshpit

© Cherry Moshpit




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