SoG Bout 12: Go Go Gent vs One Love Roller Dolls (1st & 2nd place) [11.11.2012, by Saxia*F]

Man, I’d really should’ve got some stock in calming pills or fake nails… most of the bouts we’ve seen this far have been nerve wreckingly exciting. Have you seen those end scores?? Well, you know what I mean then. For this very last bout we’ve experienced a whole new level of excitement, as the two best teams of the weekend meet each other on the track for the final bout. The outcome of Gent facing Antwerp at the end of this tournament wasn’t totally unexpected, but still promised some serious, high level action.

After the first whistle, Gent gets lead jammer during the first jams and Go Go Gent takes off quickly scoring points and creating distance to the One Love Roller Dolls. But One Love isn’t making it easy for them. With good team work they manage to give the jammer of Gent a hard time at every pass and they manage to scramble more and more points themselves, bridging the gap with Gent. From the get go it’s clear that these two teams are a good match, especially when Antwerp manages to get lead on a few jams as well.

From about 20 minutes in, power jams are getting more frequent, and more and more in favor of One Love. They manage to capitalize on them quite well, although the fierce walls of Gent, even when they are with just two blockers, are immensely impressive. Also their agility, and not only of the jammers, is absolute class. At halftime the teams leave us with a score of 85 for Go Go Gent to 86 for One Love… halftime never lasted for so long.

The halftime score certainly gives One Love a lot of confidence for the second half, but we also see Gent coming back strong. Although Antwerp makes Gent work for every point, Gent manages to slowly take the lead in scores again. Antwerp tries to keep up and fights damn bravely, but towards the end it gets harder and harder to close the gap. While the fans scream their vocal cords to shreds, both teams give it their best in those final jams.
The last whistle blows and the winner of the first edition of Skates of Glory is known: Go Go Gent Roller Girls wins the tournament beating the One Love Roller Dolls with 175 to 137 as the final score.

<Saxia*F/Saskia Videler>




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