SoG Bout 9: Blackland RKR Charleroi vs Namur Roller Girls (7th & 8th place) [11.11.2012, by Hitme Fierce]

First whistle on the second day of this tournament and the excitement of the skaters can be felt in each corner of the venue. After Namur lost their previous bout in the final seconds, they were going to fight for this one. The outcome of this game would decide which team would end on the 8th and 7th place of this tournament.

During the first half, Blackland was in control the majority of the time. Their pivot, Madame Denfer, did some great dynamic blocking and their jammer worked hard (even got a jammer lap point).
After five minutes Namur got a powerjam, but the Blackland walls were so tight, the Namur jammer could only pass once. Getting the score to 27-19 in favor of Blackland.

This game was very aggressive and at times even a bit chaotic. This resulted in a lot of trips to the box for both teams. Namur got a lot of points out of the resulting powerjams. Closing in on Charleroi with 40-37.

When B.Gaze (Namur) was jamming against Hurry Rollin’k-n (Blackland), B.Gaze managed to get lead jammer status but was quickly sent off for a major cutting. Before Namur could use this, their jammer was also sent to the box for a major cutting. Scores were barely influenced: 45-42 for Blackland.

Blackland noticed the growing confidence in Namur and they responded by letting Aline Decat #6 do a massive powerjam getting the score up to 60-42.

The end of the first half was marked by many” meat piles” and excessive trips to the box for both teams.

Half time score: 87-54 in favor of Blackland!

In the second half, Namur was stepping on it. With jammer  No Name #77 in the box, Namur really got the chance to close in on Blackland. After leaving the box, #77 was expelled for insubordination. While the crowd went wild for B.Gaze #C4, she worked hard to get some points up on the scoreboard: 103-113 for Namur with 12 remaining minutes on the clock.

When Aline Decat #6 (Blackland) was sent to the box,  Angry Ladybug #6699 had the chance to enlarge the gap even more. Blazing through the pack like a maniac, she reached 103-133. Namur fans were screaming their lungs out!

But if the last bout from yesterday taught us anything, it’s that everything is still possible in the last minutes. With 8 minutes still on the clock, Hurry Rollin’k-n #5.1 from Charleroi, took revenge by narrowing the difference down to 118-133.

Namur blockers Lady Bhurt & O’Gara did a great job keeping Hurry Rollin’k-n behind them and getting their jammer through. It resulted in 125-135 for Namur. But still: 4 more minutes to go so this could get interesting!

And… It did.  🙂

Aline Decat #6 got a powerjam and shifted the advantage: 153 – 143 for Blackland.

Again, the last jam would decide who would win this game. If we need a definition for “Bad timing”, it would be for the Namur jammer to be sent off to the box for a major cutting. The final result: 182-143 for Blackland RKR.

Bites & kisses,

Hitme Fierce




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