SoG Bout 5: Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers – Rotterdam Deathrow Honeys [10.11.2012, by McKenna Gita Witness]

Charleroi eliminated after an impressive fight agains Rotterdam for a chance at 5th Place.

This neck and neck game saw very close scoring in a jam for jam bout.  With 42 each team with 6:30 in the first half,  Blacklands gets PJ and inches their way to the lead  Hurry Roll-n K, 5.15 takes her team to the lead with 66 to 43 in this first Power Jam of this bout.  In an exchange of Power Jams between Blacklands and Rotterdam-Blackland continues to secure their lead.

Whippen Red Siren in a significant Power Jam brings the score at the half within 2 points, 71 Blacklands, 69 Rotterdam.

In the first jam of the second half Rotterdam takes back the lead in a close jam.  Rotterdam inches their way into the lead, continuing to secure lead jammer, Aline Decat of the Blackland does not allow this to be easy for them, always a close second behind the lead jammer for Rotterdam. Rotterdam nearly loses the lead when another power jam for Blacklands brings them within 3 points.  with 12:30 remaining in the second half, Blackland ties the score again with each team with 89.  Star Jammer for Rotterdam Whippin’ Red Siren pulls a 18 point significant lead in a Power Jam.  Rotterdam holds on to the lead in a final 142 and Charleroi 115.

McKenna Gita Witness




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