SoG Bout 10: Rotterdam Death Row Honeys vs Amsterdam Derby Dames (5th & 6th place) [11.11.2012, by C.C. Titmouse & Scaricia]

The battle for the highest possible place in the ranking continues, as 2 Dutch teams, Rotterdam Death Row Honeys and Amsterdam fight fort hat 5th & 6th spot in the SoG-ranking.

During the warm-up, they showed some nice piece of comradeship by skating amongst one another in a joint warm-up.

Hurricane Hales from Amsterdam got injured halfway through the first half of the game.  The whole hall went silent. Until now, (luckily) nobody got injured during our very first Benelux Roller Derby Tournament. We were happy to see her get back on her feet and the bout continued.

Haltime Score: Amsterdam: 44 vs 40 Rotterdam

Some nice offensive play by Furrocious (ADD), who easily got her jammer, Abs Of Steel, through the pack several times. Both teams are playing very aggressive, they’re abviously a good match for one another. Big hits & some nice teamwork.

Rotterdam shows good teamwork, making strong walls and excellent jammer-blocker communication! They definitely know how to recycle to keep the jammer in the back.

Vegan Vengeance is no stranger to fast, agile jamming. She easily takes advantage of every possible powerjam. But Rotterdam doesn’t give their point for free, both ADD & Rotterdam have to fight for every point.

Abs of Steel is known to be a very firm blocker, and she uses her assets to her adventage. Rotterdam gets to feel the track several times thanks to her hits!

Rotterdam showing dance moves during an official time out = always awesome!

Very efficient star pass to vegan vengeance, who did not manage to score points, but did prevent the jammer from Rotterdam to score some more.

Another example of their amazing comradeship: hugging on the track mid-bout. Two and a half minutes to go!

Ezekel from ADD is a small and fast jammer, she has been putting up a hard fight all weekend. Did a good power jam.

Last jam: Whippin Red Siren going in for the kill and breaking though the pack instantly twice in a row. But upon calling of the jam, gets sent to the penalty box. It is all coming to an end with a power jam for Jamakaze. Final score: 137-46. And of course, a ginormous group hug by both teams at the end of it all.


C.C. Titmouse & Scaricia




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