SoG Bout 8: Namur Roller Girls vs Amsterdam Derby Dames [10.11.2012, by Hitme Fierce]

In this final bout of day 1 at the Skates of Glory tournament, the Amsterdam Derby Dames are up against the Namur Roller Girls. They entered the track with only one goal: winning this!

The first half kicks off rather equal. Both teams fight for the lead jammer status, Amsterdam builds some fine defensive walls but the Namur Jammers always seem to find a way through them. Because the Amsterdam Dames’ jammers  often get sent to the penaltybox, Namur can really get an advantage out their powerjams. After the first ten minutes the score is 61-31 for Namur. This went on for the remainder of the first half with Namur running out on Amsterdam even more: half time score: 82 -43.

The second half, Namur jammers were back for more. With B. Gaze jumping the apex during yet another powerjam, they scored another 20 points. With 106-45 on the scoreboard it seemed very likely that Namur was going for the win. But then during the last 10 minutes, Amsterdam was giving it their all. Resulting in a 110-66 score.
Then, the score completely turned as a result of two powerjams for Amsterdam. Big star in all this: Jamakaze! By fiercely breaking through the Namur’s walls, she was able to force 120 – 126 on the scoreboard as an endresult.
The crowd went W I L D! This was an amazing end of the first day, Dames. Very nice work from both teams!

As Rolls Voice said: “Never stop cheering for your team, you never know what will happen”.

We’ll see more from Amsterdam in the 10th bout against Rotterdam!

Bites & kisses,

Hitme Fierce




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