SoG Bout 7: One Love Roller Dolls vs Brussels Derby Pixies[10.11.2012, by Marieke]

The first wistle of the 2nd Semi-finals of Skates of Glory is blown. We’re watching the amazing Brussels Derby Pixies skating against the One Love Roller Dolls. The team that wins this bout gets through to the finals of Skates of Glory and will have to compeet against the Go-Go Ghent Roller Girls!

The Pixies’ Jammer is the first one to get out of the pack. She takes a 4 point-lead for her team! Both teams seem to get of to an equal start. In the first 10 minutes of the bout we can see some smart jamming. Points are rising slowly when half of the first 10 jams are called off at 0 points for both teams. One Love is just leading by a few points now.

Just a few minutes later the Pixies’ jammer gets sent of to the penalty box, this means that Humpme Bogart (00) gets the chance to make the gap between both teams bigger. And, does she! Humpme throws out a massive powerjam, scoring 28 points for the One Love Roller Dolls!

The first half comes to an end, the hosting team is leading with 68 points against 19.

Second period of bout #7… The Pixies Jammer is the first one to come out of the pack. But Antwerp’s jammer, Eve’il X, makes sure that no points are scored in this jam. Both teams are throwing some hits and we can see good blocking.

Brussels is still trying to keep all doors closed and fighting for every point! Sunshine (753s) of the Brussels Derby Pixies manages to get through the pack fist, but didn’t pass all blockers in a legal way and therefore she doesn’t get the lead jammer status. Eve’il X is pushing against a strong wall of Pixies-blockers, making her way through the pack and finally coming out as the lead jammer. In her scoring pass she receives a big hit throwing her 4ft out of the track and gets a major. One Love’s Jammer is in the penalty box, giving Brussels a chance to catch up. Sunshine is pushing against the Antwerp-wall and gets sent of the track with a major penalty. Eve’il X is back in the game. Before any points are scored the refs call off the 2-minute-jam.

With the Pixies’ jammer still in the penalty box, Roller Doll Ellen O.P. Bruise scores a power jam of 9 points.

Number 6, Todestrieb gets lead jammer status and scores 3 points when two of the Antwerp’s blockers are sitting out their time in the penalty box. Good jam, called of at the right time leaving the One Love Roller Dolls with 0 points.

One Love’s skater, Cherry Moshpit (07), gets a hard hit from her teammate’s skate. Both get up quickly and they skate out the jam. One knee is taken when #07 is still dizzy. She is OK, but sits out the next few jams.

In the last jam Ellen O.P. Bruise scores 5 point in her first scoring pass. Brussels’ jammer, Poison Amy, scores 4 point for her team after she got up from a big hit. One Love’s jammer brings home another 4 points. The last wistle is blown ending the bout with a final score of 126 for the strong One Love Roller Dolls against 44 for the amazing Brussels Derby Pixies!

Tomorrow the Antwerp Roller Dolls will be playing against the Go-Go Ghent Roller girls in the finals! Make sure you don’t miss this!!





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