SoG Bout 4: Amsterdam Derby Dames vs Brussel Derby Pixies [10.11.2012, by McKenna Gita Witness]

Pixies Upset Amsterdam in a off-your-seats nail-biter.

The Brussels Derby Pixies seeded 6 dominated against Amsterdam seeded the first half leading the 77-39.  This game has been affected by 3 power jams in favor of the Pixies allowing them to score 40 points in each of these 3 power james.   Amsterdam is not giving up without a fight, forcing each Jammer in this first half earn their points.  Pixies and Amsterdam forcing each jammer to work hard for all their points with their equally dominant solid walls.

The second half saw a continuous lead changes and in Jam 18, Jamakaze in a 20 point jam puts Amsterdam back in the game with a score of 60 Amsterdam, 79 Pixies.  In the next few jams, ADD nickel and dimes their way to the top.  In the final, nail biter minutes of the game there was a jam for jam lead change by both the Pixies and ADD.  In the last Jam it was Mamacita Matadora, without a doubt at the strongest blocker/pivot of the Pixies with the Jammer Pantie.  In a bad turn for ADD the final jam a 1 point game advantage Pixies became a Power Jam, which Mamacita carried out until the final score 118 Pixies and 108 Amsterdam.  No doubt recent hosts to Rat City All Star and Trainer of Getsome Athletics, Carmen Getsome, the Pixies displayed strategic dominance.


McKenna Gita Witness




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