SoG Bout 2: Rotterdam Death Row Honeys vs Rockcity Rollers [10.11.2012, by Vicious Something]

And for the second bout of this tournament, Skates of Glory brought the spectators a battle of the Dutchies! The Rotterdam Death Row Honeys were facing the Rockcity Rollers from Eindhoven.

Rockcity surely didn’t miss their start. Eventhough both teams’ skills seemed evenly matched, the scoreboard told us another story. In no time we saw a 10-80’ish score on the scoreboard. A few minutes before the break though, Rotterdam managed to triple their score, thanks to an impressive powerjam. Halftime score: 32-93

The second period started off with a great jam for Rotterdam, as their oh so fierce jammer Whippin’ Red Siren #10 got lead jammer and scored 7 very important points, against 0 for Eindhoven.
Unfortunately for the Death Row Honeys, this were some of their last points in this bout. Eindhoven managed to become lead jammer in almost every jam of this period. Marcie MissBehave #36 doing a great job there. In the few jams where Rotterdam was lead jammer, the lead jammer got a major penalty, resulting in a power jam for Eindhoven. In total, there were 5 powerjams in this period.

Even though the game looked pretty close and blockers and jammers were fighting their asses off, the final score showed us a big difference: 46-223.

Vicious Something 😉




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