SoG Bout 1: Gent GO-GO Roller Girls vs Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers [10.11.2012, by Saxia*F]

Roller derby has certainly taken flight in Europe, teams are popping up like weeds. And that’s just awesome, because that gives derby teams the opportunity to play against each other and develop themselves. After about 4 years of roller derby in the Benelux it’s about time to bring the 8 wheeled gladiators together in one arena and let them show where the hard work has gotten them.

That’s why we, the One Love Roller Dolls decided to organize a tournament for those teams. Some blood, lots of sweat and a few tears were shed over the preparations of Skates of Glory, the very first Roller derby tournament in the Benelux. Today Skates of Glory will kick off, and we’re ready to kick some ass.

The floor is still cold, our voices still intact and the skaters a tad nervous, but mostly: ready for action. the honor of the first bout of the tournament goes to Go Go Ghent Rollergirls and Blackland Rollerderby. From the first second Ghent is giving Blackland a really hard time. Ghent is picking up points fast,

Blackland has a tough time and gets no lead status during the entire first half.
Both teams make a lot of penalties, there always seems to be someone in the box. Halftime score is 159-15

You gotta give it to Blackland for keeping the faith, but also they show that they do belong here on the tournament. We see a lot of swift and agile jamming, some nice hits (props for that beautiful sweeping booty block of hurry rollin’k n nr 17 of Blackland), but Ghent just proves to be to strong for the Charleroi team.

The game ends with a final score of 315 – 24 and a big cheer and MMuchos respect for the persistence of Blackland.





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