Sun. 16/09 OLRD wants YOU! #FreshMeatDay

©Ian Roofthooft

The new bouting season has begun, we’re eager to play & our shedule is looking t.i.g.h.t.!

A growing league needs new skaters/refs/nso’s,

& you NEED us!

  • You want a new challenge?
  • You want to be fit & dedicate yourself to a growing sport?
  • You want to be part of a group of people, who support & defy you?
  • You’re happy to strap skates on your feet & learn to ‘walk’ again?
  • You’ve always wanted to be a rockstar, but can’t play any instrument?

©Ian Roofthooft

SEPTEMBER 16 will be the day where it’s YOUR TURN to put on those roller skates and show the OLRD what you are truly made of! NO prior skating skills are necessary to become an amazing roller derby player. No matter what size or shape you are, there is a position for you. If you have the dedication, we will make sure you get the training.

Don’t know the rules of the sport? Haven’t skated since the third grade? No problem. OLRD skaters will explain how roller derby is played and briefly go over the history of the sport and derby gear 101. Fresh Meat participants have the chance to learn roller derby from the ground up; no experience or gear is required to attend on September 16 at our Roller Rink (Ruggeveldlaan 484, Deurne – Antwerp).

©Ian Roofthooft


* all skaters must be 21 years of age
* all skaters must be able to commit 2-3 nights a week to practice and work within the league
* all members must understand there is a financial commitment to roller derby which includes monthly dues, insurance, and purchasing your own skates and gear
* all paperwork must be completed and turned in
* before you are eligible to compete in a bout, you must pass a skill test (but don’t worry, we’ll teach you!)

©Ian Roofthooft

Would you rather like to lay down the law?
OLRD is recruiting referees to boss us around! Both male and female refs are welcome.


©Ian Roofthooft

To attend, send an e-mail to and we’ll give you more information about our practices, the gear we wear and membership dues. A couple of days before the next fresh meat day, you’ll receive a registration document which you’ll need to fill in to participate.

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