Blockabilly Fest, OLRD’s 4th official bout, vs. Romsey Town Rollerbillies (Cambridge, UK) [30.05.2012, by C.C. Titmouse]


Last Saturday, we organised a rockabilly-themed bout vs the Romsey Town Rollerbillies, who came to Beveren, all the way from Cambridge (UK) for our fourth official bout!

Check out our official Blockabilly photo reel over here! All of our pictures are ©Ian Rwb, who’s always bringing us highclass action shots!

It was a first for us, playing against an overseas league, and we were up for the challenge! UK-leagues in general have more bout-experience, since they have more leagues close to one another, therefore more opportunity to play. So we knew we couldn’t underestimate them. So we trained hard, learned from our previous bout vs. Paris RollergirlsB-Team (Les Quedalles) & held a joint practice/scrimmage with the Gent Go-Go Rollergirls!

© Ian Rwb

It was clear to say that we went all the way, what bout organisation is concerned. Everything was rockabilly-themed, as was our flyer! Big thank you to our own Rol’and Rock & Cherry Moshpit for an awesome flyer and to Sofie-Hell-Is-Back-Ster & Pitfire for putting their gorgeous bodies in front of the camera! Our very own Tiki’s (& -cocktailbar) (thanks to  Jessica Van Wellen), a sold-out branded cocktail: Blocktail (kudo’s to Humpme Bogaert , Cherry Moshpit  & Huge Refner for having all those tasting sessions in orde to find the perfect OLRD Cocktail! ;p). We’re lucky to have a batch of Dolls who were all willing to help out, and Lolli Chop, Desiree, Hipstarmatic & Isabelle who coordinated everything. Since the cafetaria of our Sports Centre ‘De Meerminnen’ closed recently, we made sure we had our own drinks to sell and in the end, you all showed to be a thirsty bunch of fans, since no drink was left unsold!

© Ian Rwb

Belgian weather can be very impulsive, one day it’s pouring rain, other days it’s like stepping into a sauna. Last Saturday it was 28°C outside, which is flemish for FRIGGIN’ HOT! 😉 We weren’t there for the weather, but for some raw roller derby action of course! Our coach, Sir SkateAlot, made us drink like maniacs, in order to keep ourselves hydrated. It can’t always be easy for him, taking care of us stressed-out derby chicks, but  we love him for it! ❤

© Ian Rwb

The Romsey-girls took the Eurostar and arrived in Beveren, Belgium right on time for a warm welcome by Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! & myself. While we were all getting ready for warm-up, people arrived around 6PM and got the chance to enjoy the live rockabilly tunes of Rocket 88 over a refreshing Blocktail! The first whistle blew at 7.30PM and was the starting point of what turned out to be one of the most exciting bouts in our region. Ok, I might be slightly biased over here, but still a 145 – 146 score doesn’t happen thàt often? 😉

© Ian Rwb

We were a bit messy in the first half, but were able to keep a close score and gained a little advantage. At halftime, the score was at 74 – 60, but the Rollerbillies were never too far behind.  Right before the end we were at a 145 – 118 score for Antwerp. Romsey called a team time-out and our jammer ended up in the box for a low block major, resulting in a massive powerjam  for the Rollerbillies, which led to the 145 – 146 final score.

It was a very exciting game, to watch and to play! Both teams were eager to win and I think it’s safe to say that we all worked extremely hard for those points. We were a match for one another and the rematch promises to be a nailbiter as well! CU in Cambridge real soon, ladies! 😉

Pic©Ian Roofthooft

C.C. Titmouse



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