OLRD’s 2nd Bootcamp: Blocking Bandicoot & Men’s Derby Benelux [14.02.2012, by C.C. Titmouse]

© Ian Rwb

So, our 2nd bootcamp in a series of many was a huuuuge succes! *yay*

On January 22nd,  >50 skaters (female + male) showed up at our practice hall “De Meerminnen”  for a completely sold out Blocking Bandicoot Bootcamp. Also, we were very proud to have organised the very first Benelux bootcamp where men could fully participate, ending with a Men’s scrimmage. In order to participate to our bootcamp, skaters had to meet the WFTDA minimum skills requirements.

© Ian Rwb

Our coach, Sir SkateALot, made sure we worked our butts off in a 4h intensive training session on our amazing wooden floor! Since we had 2 tracks, we were able to focus on developing speed and agility techniques, skills & strategies that make us better blockers: positional blocking, booty blocking, speed up to slow down, upper body management, building walls and destroying them, and many more. Ending with a full hour scrimmage with all the girls!

Check out our official photo reel over here (©Ian Rwb)!

I’ve met up with a couple of our male skaters, to pick their brains about their experience on our bootcamp

  • What did you think about the organisation in general (payment, subscribing, welcome, venue,…)?
    [Huge Refner] Charming, as usual! Mostly, the beautiful girls caught my eye 😉
    [Natas] Totally flabbergasted!
  • © Ian Rwb

    We organised the first Benelux bootcamp, where you and other men could fully participate, was it what you expected?
    [Natas] It was more than I expected, learned some new moves and also met a lot of new derby friends.
    [Huge Refner] It was way better than expected! Mostly the Men’s scrimmage, nice to have been a part of it & give (and receive) hits for a change! A certain C.C. Titmouse did give me a couple of well earned bruises. I like to treasure them, like a present.

  • What was your favourite excercise? What was the least exciting for you?
    [Natas] My favorite excercise was the Men’s scrimmage at the end because I think that was the part were we men had the most to learn. I always try to do every excercise when we train with our league, but to actually use those skills in a scrimmage is something else. The least exciting excercise: warm up because it made me realise my stamina sucks big time

    © Ian Rwb


  • Things you’ve missed and you’d love to learn more about on a next bootcamp?
    [Natas]It was a good allround blocking training. I can’t come up with something I missed.
    [Huge Refner] I’d like to have had more strategy classes for Men’s Derby, but we’ve got a great introduction already thanks to the OLRD girls!
  • Would you be interested in a Men’s only Bootcamp? If so, what would you like to learn there?
    [Natas] Hell yeah, but I think we don’t have enough men yet for a Men’s Only Bootcamp.  I hope more men get interested in the game and want to try it out themselves. I would like to get more scrimmage experience, so come on guys! Join the Men’s Derby Team Lowlands!
  • How’s it going for Men’s Derby in Belgium? What are your future plans/schedule?
    [Huge Refner] I’m always willing to scrimmage, I just don’t have the time to implement extra trainings to my schedule. I wouldn’t want to give up practicing with the girls neither, since they need their refs at practice & I love being a part of their community as well.
    [Natas] Personally, I’d love to compete with other Male Derby leagues. So we need to grow first & then someday soon I would really like to participate in a European Championship sometime!

© Ian Rwb

So for all the skating men out there, we’re always looking for referees! For information, send us an e-mail through info@oneloverollerdolls.be & check out the official Men’s Derby Team Lowlands-page!

If you want in on the action, I’m afraid the next OLRD Bootcamps are all sold out, but you can still register, if you want your name to be on the waiting list!
– 13 November 2011: Pump up the Jam!  (past)
– 22 January 2012: Blocking Bandicoot!  (past) – sold out
– 15 April 2012: Newbies Track Attack!sold out
– 3 June 2012: Smack the Pack!sold out

© Ian Rwb

C.C. Titmouse


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