1st Scrimmage for OLRD’s New Generation, vs. Brussels Derby Pixies [09.02.2012, by MoriarTea]

© Ian Rwb

Wow, my very first OLRD blog entry , thrilling :-)!

I’ve been skating with the OLRD for 6 months now (unfortunately, still no nickname :s) and I was really looking forward to this scrimmage. I was very nervous the weeks before, on top of that I missed a couple of practices in December due to sickness.  As a compensation, I bought a pair cycling shoes so I could train on my dad’s home-trainer to improve my endurance.

As The 15th of January approached  our team ‘New Generation’ seemed haunted by bad luck. The weeks before the scrimmage a few team-mates got sick or injured & couldn’t compete. We ended up with a team of 10 (utterly superb) players. Brussels had some problems with gathering a full team as well, but they added some players from the Bad Bunny Rollers (Menen)) so everything was well balanced out after all.

© Ian Rwb

After weeks of preparing/planning/stressing out, the big day was finally there!
We arrived at the venue at noon for a debriefing  in order to get everything ready. Here, I would like to add a special thank you to our ref Natas for borrowing me his wheels, because mine were so worn out that I was gliding all over the place. THANK YOU NATAS!

After a briefing & warm-up by our Coach Sir SkateAlot, it was finally time to do what we trained for: our very first scrimmage!

It was over before we knew it! Since, there weren’t many of us, we got a lot of playtime. Which I liked, because I really don’t like  waiting and sitting on the bench. I loved the way our team played! We were like one big front, everything went well and I had the feeling we were really playing together. Although  the second half went a bit less smooth, because the exhaustion took a hold of us (+it was terribly warm), I still enjoyed every second of it.  The Brussels Derby Pixies played a great game and were so much fun to compete against.

© Ian Rwb

In retrospect this was a  great day  and everything went well because of the efforts of the whole team! Special shout-out goes to Skullcrusher Lottie! She worked so hard to make it to the OLRD’s New Generation-team and had to back-out the day before the scrimmage, due to a leg injury :s. She never let her spirit down & showed great organisational skills, which led to an amazing scrimmage #Regelteef!

Now that we’ve got the first scrimmage experience in our vains, I can’t hardly wait for our next scrimmage (or bout :0)!


© Ian Rwb



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