Update :: Eve’il X’s gear was found by the police! [by the OLRD]


On January, 31st (8PM), all of Eve’il X‘s derby gear, skater for the One Love Roller Dolls was stolen in Ghent (Belgium)! We called out to the whole derby community & raised €352,5, to benefit Eve’il X’s cause.

Last week, as it turns out, Eve’il X’s gear was found by the police! This means she won’t have to buy new gear after all & we no longer need all of your generous donation. For those who donated: we’ll refund your donation through our PayPal-account, so you’ll have your money back in no time.

Still, we won’t forget the amount of support we/she got from the derby community and can’t thank you enough for everything!

All’s Well That Ends Well!

Kind regards,

One Love Roller Dolls




We’d like to thank everyone who cared, shared & gave a little! It’s so heartwarming to see the derbycommunity work together for a good cause. We’ve got reactions from allover Europe!

Belgium, The Netherlands, Tenerife & a special shout-out to the UK-leagues who supported as well! Thanks to Rollin’ News for sharing our message across in the UK!

Special thanks to SckrPnch, our favourite derby owned & operated webshop, who donated a new set of wheels & to Rollerschool Brasschaat for their general support. Check our their show “Umbrya“, a roller skating production!

All together, we raised €352,5, to benefit Eve’il X’s cause. We’ll keep you posted on what she’s done with the money, but we’re sure she’ll be choosing skates & gear in no time!

More to come!

One Love Roller Dolls



On January, 31st (8PM), all Eve’il X’s derby gear, skater for the One Love Roller Dolls was stolen in Ghent (Belgium)!

© Ian Rwb

© Riedell & Pro Designed Inc.

It was a grey backpack ‘Chrismo’, with her helmet attached to it. Inside she put her Riedell ‘She Devil’ roller skates, with red ‘Radar Tuner’ wheels (92A) & black/white striped laces. She had ‘Pro Design.Inc’ knee pads, wrist guards, and ‘Bauer’ elbow pads & ‘Rucanor’ volleybalpads. Exact location: Sint-Annaplein, near the ‘Studioscoop’ in Ghent.

If you have any information, please contact us! > info@oneloverollerdolls.be

We’re also gathering money, so she can buy herself new gear. She’s one of those hard working skaters, who never backs down. She’s a student and saved up a long time for her beloved derby gear. Eve’il X has put a lot of effort in her roller derby carreer & into our league & we feel this is the (unfortunate) occasion to give back. She’s one of our star jammers, & we want her to be fully ready for our next game, so let’s get things going! Roughly counted, she lost around about €650 worth of gear, so every little cent counts!

  • black Riedell ‘She Devil’ roller skates (new: €350)
  • red Radar Tuner wheels (92A) (new: €59,95)
  • knee pads & wrist guards ‘Pro Designed’ (new: €147)
  • elbow pads ‘bauer’ (new: €20)
  • black helmet ‘scott’ (new: €45)
  • Volleybalpads ‘Rucanor’ (new: €8)
    total value (new): around €650

The OLRD was already contemplating a fundraiser within the league, but we decided to broaden the reach to the whole roller derby community. If you have anything to spare, help her out. Any amount is welcome!

Hit the “Donate” button & let’s show everyone what the ‘derby-spirit’ is all about!

Thanks in advance!


One Love Roller Dolls




  1. It’s amazing..Can’t believe my eyes..Thank you so much everybody!!!! It’s unbelievable to see how the whole roller derby community helps me so hard, it’s completely fantastic..THANK YOU !! x Eve’il X

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