EROC 2012 – European Roller Derby Organizational Conference [02.02.2012, by C.C. Titmouse]


How hard can a Monday SUCK!!? Back to the real life, when I can’t let go of the derby-high, since last weekend. EROC 2012 was THA BOMB! It was a first for me, but surely won’t be my last!

Being the Head of OLRD’s PR, Media & Events committee, I’m always looking at things from a PR-point of view. Networkingwise, I could drool over the attendance list, but I didn’t (I can control my urges!) ;-).

When I looked at the programme, it was very clear on which workshops I wanted to attend & I was confident to take it all-in, process the information and come back with a suitcase full of ideas, tips & tricks!

Friday, January 27th 2012

© C.C. Titmouse

Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! & myself took the plane to Berlin around 4PM, whilst Lolli Chop, Cherry Moshpit  & our Head Ref Face First had already arrived. Our coach (& representative of Men’s Derby Team Flanders) Sir SkateAlot was on his way by car! Not only Antwerp, but Belgium in general was well represented at EROC! Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp & Charleroi united, yihaaa! ^^

© C.C. Titmouse

Once we arrived, we caught up with our teammates & joined  Miss Miyagi, Veronica Fever, Sandra Buttblock & Grace S. Melly (Ghent Go-Go Roller Girls) at Tiki Heart Cafe for cocktails and burgers! (Most.Yummie.Burgers.Evah btw!) After having checked the whole cocktail menu, we headed over to Wowsville, where the official EROC “Warm Up” was hosted. A lot of familiar faces there, seemed as if The Netherlands brought quite the delegation as well *yay* Lowlands! :-). We had a modest little party, since we had a full schedule planned for Saturday! Workshops, Workshops, Workshops!

Saturday, January 28th 2012

Saturday morning, BRIGHT AND EARLY! For people who know me, it’s a challenge to get me to be somewhere on time, so I was quite proud I arrived on time for breakfast & a warm welcome by MasterBlaster (Bear City Roller Derby).


I tend to go all hippy on yer asses, when I go on these derby-weekends. It brings me a certain comfort, knowing all these people come together with the same goal in mind. We’re putting Europe on the roller derby map & we’re all a part of it (ooooooooh!) ;-).

My day of workshops started with “Interviews, Tips & Tricks” by FoXy Führer (Bear City Roller Derby) & was followed by an exhilarating class of “Merchandising & Branding” by Sarah Hipel (WFTDA Referee Training and Certification Coordinator & skater for Texas Rollergirls)! Although, she filled in for a sick speaker, it turned out to be a very inspiring & useful class. After lunch we had a little brainstorming session about “Sponsoring & Fundraising” by FoXy Führer (Bear City Roller Derby), where I outed myself as being the “Easter Egg Girl” :0. Since we were talking about easy ways to raise money, I addressed our little Easter Egg Campaign, which raised a few eyebrows. But hey, sometimes you don’t have to overthink it; buy low, sell high! #BAM! 🙂

© Michael Wittig

I was very curious about the “Conflict Resolutions”-workshop by Bloody Mary (WFTDA Executive Director & skater for Texas Rollergirls) & since we don’t (yet) have a CR-committee I found it to be very intriguing! Spreading the good love & peace around doesn’t always cut it, so I was very happy to hear the constructive methods of avoiding/handling internal & external conflicts! In case of derby drama it’s better to be safe than sorry aight! 😉

I ended the day with the “Recruiting” class by Jam Pain (Ref for Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz) and was pleased to find out we’re doing a pretty good job at recruiting & training our Fresh Meat already! Still, we’re always looking for new talent & refs! SO GUYS, GET YOUR LOVELY LITTLE BUTTS OVER TO ANTWERP, ‘cause we need to work on those elbows & backblocks #DoIIIIIIIIIIIT!

A lovely derby day, filled with interesting classes & people. Tiring & cold (always manage to pack the wrong clothes when I go on a trip), but satisfied ;-).

© Dire Wolff

We hooked up with the other attending Belgian leagues for a Belgian meeting over dinner. And planted the seeds for the future, over pizza, how cool is thàt?!!! Yes, I can be overly excited, but I can’t help but loooove the way Belgium is coming together, derbywise.

After the obligatory cocktail, we hit the sack! We’re such goodie goodie’s! But EROC meant business for us, we wanted to take in as much as possible, we’ll party when the work’s done (good intentions aye) ;P.

Sunday, January 29th 2012

Another early morning & again, on time (SCORE!) 🙂
Today was the day we got to scrimmage. We dared to sign up for the advanced one, so we had to earn our place!

© Parliament of Pain roller derby league

Although I’m very proud of our league, I couldn’t believe I was standing on the same track as several roller derby veterans (in a sexy, non old way of course ;p). My confidence took a dive downwards and it took ‘till halftime to get over myself, but I managed. In the end I’m not completely happy with my performance, in the sense that I let a lot of chances untapped. It was fun to share the track with our sisters from Ghent & lovely to kick some ass with Team White! #HappyDonuts!!!

© Michael Wittig

Still, I couldn’t help feeling our little Antwerpian league belonged out there. Since we’re always looking for leagues to scrimmage/bout against, it’s good to get noticed whilst playing. I’m happy, & proud!

We ended our derby weekend with a European Discussion, which I had to cut short, since I had to work in the morning (bweurlgh!). So I’m waiting eagerly for my team mates to give me the update on what’s been said!

EROC is a wonderful platform for Europe’s roller derby leagues & I can’t wait for it to be EROC 2013!

Thank you Berlin Bombshells (Bear City Roller Derby) for hosting such a wonderful event; bringing leagues allover Europe together in order to encourage, support & push Euro roller derby!

C.C. Titmouse

© Michael Wittig



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  1. And, for the record, everyone who spent time on track on Sunday *deserved* to be on track! If you don’t step outside of your comfort zone every now and then, how are you ever going to advance?

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