Let’s get Down and Derby! [26.01.2012, by Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!]

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged for you, our most valued readers. Not because I didn’t want to share my experiences with you  or because nothing’s going in the Amazing Land of The One Love Roller Dolls, but because in between our bootcamps, bouts, practices and other derby related stuff, I just couldn’t find the time.

As I already came to say: a lot has been going on for the One Love Roller Dolls and we’re all quite happy about that.


For starters: we played an awesomely fun bout “Rien à Bloquer” against the girls from Roller Derby Metz Club (France). On Sunday, 11th of December, we invited the girls over at our venue “De Meerminnen”- in Beveren. We had to be there pretty early (I don’t like early) to set up the track, prepare locker rooms, place team benches and the dreaded  penalty box, etc. All of our girls put everything to work to make sure this bout was well organized so skaters, NSO’s, refs and off course the public would have an exciting day. And it was! The Metz girls played a good game and although they didn’t win, they showed us how a fair game is played. They never gave up and they came back really strong during the second half.  RDMC surely thought us a lesson in “fighting spirit”. The audience loved the bout and shouted their lungs out for their favorite team. The highlight of the game for me was when my little nephew – Joppe, 11 years old – went over to the DJ boot to say he was really proud of his niece!! *melts* Speaking of the DJ – our very own “Suzy Cute” –  did an awesome job once again! Also a big shout out to our announcers – “Starsky Zoolander” and “Saxia F” who fought the horrible acoustic and added to the greatness of the game.  It was a lovely day and every minute of work we had put into it, was surely worth it!
Look at our official ‘Rien à Bloquer’ photo reel over here!

©Ian Rwb

A few weeks ago, on January 14th, a few girls of our league went over to Eindhoven to play alongside the girls from Brussels “Brussels Derby Pixies” in Pixie Spankalot’s Birthday scrimmage.  Here we played 30 minutes scrimmages against some familiar leagues.: RDMC, Rockcity Rollers & Eastside RocknRollers and “The Avengers”, with players from different German leagues.  Although it was quite cold outside, a lot of warmth went out from all the skaters, refs, NSO’s and the public. It was overwhelming to see how many people traveled several hours for one of the most amazing birthday parties I’ve ever seen.  We had the chance to play with the Brussels Derby Pixies and it was amazing to see how much they grew during the event. On top of their skating skills, they are also fun girls to be around. So despite of the alleged problems between the French speaking and the Flemish speaking Belgians, we found no trouble in communicating with each other and playing together. On the contrary: it turned out that this “Fremish” alliance worked great. We won two out of three games and came close to winning the third, but not close enough. After we played our last game, we went out for some French fries and watched the last game together. No I know why my family and friends are always hoarse after cheering on one of our bouts.

©Bear City Roller Derby

Next stop for me, “C.C. Titmouse”, “Loli Chop”, “Cherry Moshpit”, our headref “Face First” and our beloved coach “Sir SkateALot” will be attending the European Roller Derby Organizational Conference (EROC), hosted by Bear City Roller Derby in Berlin this weekend. I’m really looking forward to meeting new people, seeing some others again and being plunged into an entire derby-related weekend with workshops, on- and off- skates classes, discussions and hopefully some spontaneous party outbursts.

So keep your eye on our website, ‘ cause I’m sure one of the attendees from our league is going to blog about it

Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!



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