LET’S HIT IT OFF! GGGRG’s Rookie Bootcamp [28.12.2011, by Sin Alley]


Saturday, the 17th of December 2011, MoriarTea & I woke up early for our first Rookie Bootcamp with the GGGRG on the site of Tour &Taxi’s in Brussels. In the beginning there was a little problem with some men who were laying carpet on our skating floor (aaarggh), but the girls from GGGRG came up with a quick and good solutions and made two tracks. We put on our gear and started with 50 rookies from 17 different leagues to do what we came to do: skate!

©Jeroen Van der Meeren

We started in one big group and warmed up avoiding some cracks in the floor. The warm-up was intense, for example 1min sprinting and 1min skills as step turns, cuttings, falls, backwards, stops, squaaaat, … the GGGRG girls named this exercise “the black widow” because it is deadly tiring. Nina & I tried our best cause our coach Sir SkateAlot was watching. 😉

©Jeroen Van der Meeren

After the warm-up we split up in two groups A & B and started some exercises on positional or booty blocking, giving and receiving hits and we also learned “the hammer & nail”, goal? One positional blocker slows the jammer down and try to keep her on the inside line, the second blocker (hammer) hits out the jammer (nail). Mission accomplished!

©Jeroen Van der Meeren

After the blocking exercises we practiced on jamming, speed, skating in a pack. We all had the chance to try different positions: leading the pack as a natural born pivot and screaming directives to your pack or skate through it as a agile galloping jammer.

©Jeroen Van der Meeren

At 12h30 it was lunchtime. The GGGRG girls made us some really delicious and healthy power food. Spaghetti, broccoli, meatloaf, tofu and lots of vegetables. During lunch we could listen to MissMiyagi from Sckrpnch (our favourite, european derbyshop!) who informed us about gear, plates and wheels! After lunch we spend half an hour on rules (with Referee Dire Wolff) or on strategies such as defense and offense (with Veronica Fever). Then back on track for some more skating. We trained on making walls with two or three girls as strong as the Berlin wall and learned “the waterfall”, when coming out of the corner blocker one jumps to the outside line and takes position of blocker three. We also practiced a lot on communication, which I learned is very important when playing roller derby.

©Jeroen Van der Meeren

After a 15min break we did a scrimmage with the entire group. We made a white and a black team, wrote some number on the back of our shirts and were ready to show what we had learned today. There were some very fast jammers and some knock-you-out blockers but most of all we tried to work as a team, communicate with each other and help one another, cause when playing roller derby, it is all about teamwork!

©Jeroen Van der Meeren

Thanks to GGGRG girls for the training, thanks to all girls for a fun day, I can’t wait for the next Rookie Bootcamp!

Sin Alley



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