Antwerp [BE] vs. Rotterdam [NL] | First Scrimmage of this season, by Champain Brunch [22.10.2011]

©Garry Bryan Jr.

So, last Thursdaynight the Rotterdam Death Row Honeys were kind enough to host OLRD’s AllStarTeam for our first scrimmage of this season. Since we’re playing our FIRST official bout next week, we considered this to be the perfect practise opportunity, and as you all know; practise makes perfect!

Despite the rain and what I consider to be a comparable climate to Antarctica, our troops showed up to Rotterdam in tiny European cars filled with players, refs and NSO’s ready to make Antwerp proud (and secretly go to Burger King after the scrimmage).

©Garry Bryan Jr.

Despite initial hesitation on our end about the weather conditions and playing on an outdoor track, Death Row’s enthusiasm and eagerness to play showed as their girls dried up their court with “squeegees”. They “really” wanted to play and I immediately thought they just wanted my team and I to kill ourselves by skating on a super wet, slick track…. But I was WRONG ;-).
Death Row’s outdoor, concrete track is apparently coated with a special texture that essential creates treading on the ground. It was the bomb: grippy and smooth!

©Garry Bryan Jr.

Anyway, back to the scrimmage. One Love came out on top from the start with some solid defense opening up holes for our faster than you can say “toy boat” three times jammers. Chicka Lee, Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! and Eve’il X racked up the points with some sweet lateral movements and of course, speed.

That being said, I think now is a good time to talk about the importance of communication (and how good we were at that last night)! Communication within the pack AND from the sidelines was an incredible source of encouragement and leadership. It helped us play like a team rather than individuals. Lolli Chop & C.C. Titmouse were calm and collected but to the point and clear. I even heard Wham! Bam! yelling from the sidelines at one point and thought to myself “That class act knows what she’s talking about. I better do it.”

©Garry Bryan Jr.

Last but not least, because of our Coach’s and Line Up Manager’s sweet organizational skills no one was confused about when or where they were going. Men can sometimes get a bed rep for not expressing themselves enough but ladies do not fear: Sir SkateALot is changing all of that.

Due to the weather conditions, we had to reorganise the scrimmage into 3 x 20 minute-periods. Rotterdam forfaited after the first 20 minutes, and we continued with mixed scrimmage excercises. Rotterdam have another scrimmage coming up this weekend (against our sisters from the Ghent Go-Go Roller Girls) & we have OUR FIRST OFFICIAL BOUT to think about, so we didn’t want to take any risks. In the end, scrimmage is all about learning and that’s exactly what we did!

All in all, that night’s scrimmage was soooo legit. We had lots of support and  gracious hosts who even had a bottle of champagne ready at the end of the scrimmage! More importantly, we had fun with one another. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

©Garry Bryan Jr.


©Ian Rwb


Champain Brunch


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