Joint practice w. Suvi Hokkari & Belle Anger, by C.C. Titmouse [25.07.2011]

©Ian Rwb

So yesterday we had Suvi Hokkari (ex-Bananaspit) from the HellCity Rollers & Belle Anger from the Amsterdam Derby Dames over at practice. Apparently they’re on some kind of derby-road trip (which sounds like the coolest version of the traditional road trip imho ;p). We were happy to hear they decided to grant us with their prescence at our little skating rink. Suvi & Belle agreed on running the training for the day & we were curious to see what they had to offer.

©Ian Rwb

It’s always nice to have guest coaches over at practise to learn something about derby from another point of view. We were all good pupils, eager to show what we can do. It was a good learning experience and we were taught some jumping skills (derbylingo, not the dancestyle, hell no! :p). More jammerexcercises than we’re used to, but good basics to elaborate on for future trainings! We worked hard and the exercises were fun, yet useful to do.

©Ian Rwb

Although I’ve learned from experience that Belle is quite the blocker, she’s ‘out of play’ (hé, get it ;p) for a bit, due to a knee injury :s Still, she’s reffing while she gives her knees the time to heal, which is soooo cool of her. Even when she’s not actively ‘playing’, she’s still learning by reffin & NSO’ing and going around the world from bootcamp to shared practises etc. We’re always happy to have her over and will visit Amsterdam real soon. Personal guide, cheeeeck! 😉

©Ian Rwb

We’ve met Suvi before at the Anarchy in the UK tournament earlier this year. She’s quite the socialite herself, spreading the Finnish love throughout derbyland. She too is moving around a lot, meeting up with different leagues, good PR-lady ;-). She managed to train a team of skaters, who she never saw skating before. So levelwise it couldn’t have been easy to figure out which excercises would be useful etc. But she kept us on our toe(s)tops & made us work it! We absolutely loved her training and hope she’ll visit us again in the near future!

After practise, we couldn’t leave these lovely ladies to themselves, so Lolli Chop, Saxia F, Sir SkateAlot, Face First, Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! & myself invited them to the centre of Antwerp, where we went to have some drinks and a little bite to eat. Suvi brought her boyfriend who was instantly thrown into the derbytalk. Poor him ;-). Talking about lickingstrategies and idolising known derbygirls, the conversation went from league-experience to tequila to crazy diets, which was fun ;p. When in Belgium (even for 1 day!) you should try our beers, so 1 Vedett, a couple of Duvels and a Tripple Karmeliet later, we’ve gained us some Belgian Beer-fans *woohoo*.

Our plan to get them drunk so they’d stay over for the week failed, but at least we’ve got an excellent and learnful experience to look back on!

©Ian Rwb

See you soon, girls!


C.C. Titmouse


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