My roller derby life-story, by An C Hammer [03.06.2011]

©Ian Rwb

I never met roller derby before reading an article  about roller skating girls, in an online magazine that came by accident (even I think it is faith) in my mailbox! From that day on I started looking up some things about this fascinating sport I never heard of or saw it in real life. I found a team in Ghent and thought it was too bad, being so far away from where I live, to go there 3 times a week to practice. So I put a message on their facebook page telling them these exact words.

©Alex Baumans

Five minutes after that message was up, I received an email from a girl, who in derby life is known as Lolli Chop, who told me she was a former Gent GO-GO Roller Girl, but lives near Antwerp and wanted to start her own team. She offered to start this team with me, her sister (Cherry Moshpit) and Queen Sil. Of course I would!! I love roller and ice skating since I was a little girl. Practiced little dancing moves in the street on my flashy old school blue and yellow quads. And since I had nothing better to do, then sit around & make time go by, I decided it was the adventure I needed to get some new excitement in my life.

So we started chatting, messaging and all 4 of us met at One Love Boardshop (our ‘One Love’ Partner in Crime) in Antwerp. After that we went for a drink and a meal together and put up a whole plan to get things going. Before we knew it, we had our first Fresh Meat Day and found a place to skate: Klopstokia in Deurne.

©Roaring Tiger

Today, we are 1 year and 4 months further and we have put together a team. We have a bunch of awesome fresh meats, practice 3 times a week, did a couple of scrimmages and are slowly but certainly planning our first real bout. I even have a derby wife, Lolli Chop! Never thought an unknown person could become a friend for life in such little time, along with 30 other girls! 🙂 Me, who only hung around with the boys before, lol.

It’s excitement all along the way. But all these accomplishments don’t come easy. I’ve worked hard to get here, and I am still working my butt off every practice to become a better player for myself and for my team. We all do! And it isn’t always easy, because sometimes you lose patience, you have the feeling of not getting where you want, and you think everyone is passing you by. I’ve never practiced a sport like roller derby before, so it is totally normal, that things don’t always tend to go smoothly.

©Lolli Chop

Sometimes it seems the world is standing still for you, and others are skating by as if there is nothing going on. But that’s where the team comes in, you are never alone and a team supporting you in your good and bad days is the best help you can get for approving in everything in derby world.

Once you start playing roller derby, everything changes, it creates a strong relationship between you and your teammates, you will adapt everything to this new lifestyle without doing anything special, it just happens. The friends you had before roller derby aren’t lost, but it’s not the same. Teammates are sharing frustrations, happiness, victory, losses and a whole lot of emotions you wouldn’t share that intensively with others. Not a day in my life goes by, without roller derby.

©Starsky Zoolander

Roller derby is more than just a sport, it’s friends, family and a new way of living. In my case, an enriched way of living! So thank you One Love Roller Dolls, I love you all!


An C Hammer




  1. Dit is een heel mooi verhaal over vriendschap, samen zijn en good feeling ! Schitterend meiden, probeer deze gevoelens vast te houden.

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