C.C. Titmouse looks back on an awesome Friends- & Family Day [22.05.2011]

So…where do I even start! 😉

The 22nd of May, our very own Friends- & Family Day took place at the roller rink of Klopstokia in Deurne (Antwerp). We’ve worked so hard to get here, to make our Friends- & Family Day (Lowlands-scrimmage included) happen! It was nerve wracking & sleep depriving, but it was all worth it, because IT.WAS.AWESOME!

© Ian Rwb

We’ve challenged all the NL-teams to form some sort of All Star NL-team, so we could scrimmage against the best of what The Netherlands have to offer. We’ve had so many entries and so many levels that we organised 2 scrimmages in order to give them all the opportunity to play.

© Ian Rwb

First off an all NL-scrimmage between a mixed team of different leagues (intermediate level). Since scrimmages are meant for learning some of our OLRD-players offered to coach the teams. Whiplash Stacy & Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! for The Motley Shrews (in white) & Lolli Chop & Cherry Moshpit for The Black Widows (in black). Both teams gave their all, and I’m sure it was a great learning experience for all teams. In the end, The Black Widows won with a magnificent 144 vs 84-score.

© Ian Rwb

Next up was the NL vs BE-scrimmage with The Bloody Oranges (NL All Star-team) vs The One Love Roller Dolls (intermediate level). Speaking as a One Love Roller Doll; we were all tired, stressed as f*ck, but were looking forward to this day for a long time now.

© Ian Rwb

With 3 of our skaters ‘out’ due to injuries & therefore having to play with only 9 girls, we were afraid of the outcome. But then again, The Bloody Oranges had never had a chance to practice together, so we both had our disadvantages.

Overall, we really had to fight our way through to gain points on that scoreboard, they sure as hell weren’t going to let us pass easily. Everyone was pumped up & ready to kick some ass (and my ass felt it alright ;p), so there were quite a lot of penalties and injuries. Mostly after halftime, when all of our 9 players got really tired, An C Hammer fell down one too many times (on the same knee) and was taken off-track with a possible posterior cruciate ligaments-injury. We felt the pressure of losing, yet another, jammer and had to step up our game.

© Ian Rwb

But The Bloody Oranges were unstoppable! I too felt some great hits & hip checks and can only state that the Netherlands have some great blockers. Kudos to Vegan Vengeance, who jammed her way through the pack as if there was nobody trying to stop her. Lovely to see her jam at full force! Monstah Megs showed some excellent packwork, she never let her guard down and kept her eye on (our) jammer.

© Lindsey Himpe

As did NeMaim Morrigan, who blocked me straight down to the floor, BAM! ;-). Great teamwork for a team that had never trained before!

In the end, we won, with an 120 vs 82-outcome & we couldn’t have been happier. We’ve really worked hard to get here and we weren’t necessarily in it for the win (although it’s always fun to win of course ;p). The Bloody Oranges played a nice match, we had great fun, learned tons and hope they did too. I’m sure the pictures and video clips of the game will circulate the internet very soon, but for now I’m still high on memories, looking back on the whole day.

© Saxia F

So what’s up with the One Love Roller Dolls’ future? For us, I think we can seriously consider training for a real bout now, our last 2 scrimmages showed us that we are getting ready for the real deal! I really hope all of our injured players (Chicka Lee, Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!, An C Hammer & Pitfire) are back on track (literally!!) & kicking ass like they normally do! For me, I don’t think I can handle another nerve wracking experience like Sunday, hell I’m never going to survive a real bout *panic* 😀 But we’ll see, the future looks bright for roller derby & it sure looks bright for us right now *whiee* 🙂

© Ian Rwb

Here come the thank you’s! 😉

First off, we’d like to thank all the skaters from the Amsterdam Derby Dames [Amsterdam], Arnhem Fallen Angels [Arnhem], Dom City Dolls [Utrecht], Eastside Rock’n Rollers [Enschede], Rock City Rollers [Eindhoven] & the Rotterdam Deathrow Honeys [Rotterdam] for coming over to Antwerp and share this wonderful day with us.

© Larissa Weyns

Thank you referees Major Madness [Ruhrpott Roller Girls – Essen GER], Rave N’ BustHer [San Diego Derby Dolls – US], Stan-Lee Mess [Dom City Dolls – NL], Mad Gent [Amsterdam Derby Dames – NL] & our very own Huge Refner, Rol’and Rock & Face First. Thank you to all NSO’s (and their leaders Emo Joe & Limpin’ Lilly)!

© Ian Rwb

A big thanks to all of the coaches, Lolli Chop & Cherry Moshpit, Whiplash Stacy & Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!, HurricaneHayles, Asa Spades, & a special thanks to OLRD’s own official coach; Sir SkateAlot. Thanks again to Hero Joe, for being the most awesome Bench- & Line-up Coach evah, & Lolli Chop (again :p) for being a lovely Captain!

A big thank you to those who sponsored our event; Sckrpnch, Lady Rose, Nutcase, One Love Boardshop, Patisserie Manus, LickMyButton & Maxevent for our Team Merch.

©One Love Roller Dolls

And a special thanks to all the volunteers and helpers, Open Kamp Antwerpen for fixing those delicious hot dogs, Klopstokia for handling the bar, Sex’Ass Chainsaw Mascara & her crew for playing the most awesome tunes all day, our announcer Starsky Zoolander for keeping it clear and simple for the audience. Thank you Ian Rwb for taking the most beautiful action pictures, & of course to our own OLRD Freshies for helping out with the global organisation of the Friends- & Family Day!

And thank YOU for being there, our friends- & family, the Gent GO-GO Roller Girls , Brussels Derby Pixies, Bad Bunny Rollers  & ex-OLRD’s for their support, for being a part of it, supporting us and cheering  your guts out! We had a BLAST!!

For more pictures, visit our Facebook page  & pimped out website 😉

& For those, who want MORE & try out for roller derby with us; join us on our next Fresh Meat Day! Mark 05.06.2011 in your calenders (with pink highlighter) & register through freshmeat@oneloverollerdolls.be!

CU soon!


C.C. Titmouse
Head PR, Media & Events




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