Why you should come to our Friends & Family Day [Saxia✩F]

I’ll give you 20 reasons:

  • Because after reading this weblog or several posts you are convinced that you have to see what this roller derby thing is all about
  • Because you saw Whip It!, you still love Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page, wasn’t sold on the story but were grabbed by the sport
  • Because you’re tired of hearing all those roller derby stories from your friend(s) and you never got around to check it out and see what it’s all about
  • Because pink and/or turquoise are your favorite colors
  • Because you like strong, powerful girls
  • Because you like strong, powerful girls in hotpants and fishnets
  • Because you like strong, powerful Dutch and Belgian girls in hotpants and fishnets fighting with eachother
  • Because any or all of the above – on roller skates
  • Because you rarely have the chance to see roller derby dames in action
  • Because you’d like to brag about what you did during the weekend to your colleagues over coffee
  • Because you’re in the neighborhood
  • Because you need an excuse not having to visit your parents in law
  • Because you like cookies/hot dogs/cupcakes
  • Because you need new knee socks/roller gear by Sckrpnch
  • Because you fancy Lady Rose’s jewelry or a cool helmet by Nutcase
  • Because you like to win stuff!
  • Because you like to be around cool peeps, having a coke or a beer, on a sunny Sunday afternoon
  • Because you don’t have an idea what the f’s I’m talking about here (but you have a healthy sense of curiousity)
  • Because you (secretly) dream about being a roller derby chick yourself
  • Because you are aching to buy our merchandise (we get that a lot)

Be there!

✯When: May 22nd 2011

✯Doors: 13:00

✯Where: Rolschaatsbaan Klopstokia, Ruggeveldlaan 484, Deurne (Antwerp)

#1. 13:00 – 15:00 The Black Widows vs Motley Shrews
#2. 15:00 – 17:00 Bloody Oranges 3 vs One Love Roller Dolls

We’re in the cute little roller rink on the right side of the parking lot opposing the ski slope. Admission FREE!

♥, Saxia✩F



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