Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! hurts her knee [17/05/2011]

©Sandra Maes

On Sunday 08/05/2011 C.C. Titmouse, Electric Alice, Rol’and Rock, Hero Joe, our coach – Sir SkateAlot and myself competed in the “retro race”, a sub race in an international speedskating event hosted by Skeelerclub Fratelli Team Mechelen. We arrived in our flashy and fabulous outfits and were prepared to show everyone what these One Love Roller Dollswere made off. Turned out these speedskaters, who normally ride on skeelers, were quite fast on quad skates too. Sir SkateAlot did an awesome job and finished in a seventh place. Hero Joe came in right behind them. Me, I managed to keep up with the skaters for like five rounds and then I fell behind. It felt like dying, it was that exhausting.

©Rol'and Rock

Because the race only took ten minutes or so, our coach had suggested that we would go for some endurance training. We were going to skate from Mechelen to Boortmeerbeek and back (ca. 20 km). The weather was beautiful and I felt like a fish in the water. I was super siked about this skating trip alongside the water in the company

of my beloved teammates. I was that excited even that I didn’t manage to stay upright anymore. So after two hundred meters or so, I made an unfriendly acquaintance with the streets of Mechelen. I wasn’t wearing any protection and I totally crashed my knee and elbow. (I could hear my mom’s voice inside my head saying “idiot! That’s what you get for not wearing your gear!”) After a brief, but thorough, fixing by the EHBO medics, I was up and rollin’ again. As said, we went for a 20 km skating trip and it was awesome!!

When I got home, my knee started stiffening and by the time I woke up in the morning I wasn’t able to stretch or bend it anymore. I have a history of knee and back problems, so the first thing that went trough my mind was “not again!”. When I was fifteen years

©Rol'and Rock

old I had to give up my sport because I broke a little piece of my spine. It’s something you can perfectly live with, it just wasn’t ok to keep on training with. It took me quite some time to get over the diagnoses of “no more sports for you young lady”. It was only ten years later that I had the nerve to go out and do some sports on a regular bases again. Roller Derby had become really important for me and the last days I’ve started to realise just how important it has become.

I didn’t want to go see a doctor, not only because I was scared that he was going to hurt me but more so because I feared that he would tell me that my skating days were over. So I hopped around the house and the office on one foot for three days, until everybody was sick and tired off it and my mom almost kicked me to the hospital.

Today I have spent more than three hours in the hospital to see my specialist. I was a nervous wreck and it had been a long time since I was this scared.

The first thing he said to me when he saw me was: “Don’t tell me.. you’ve hurt your back snowboarding?”. Me: “No, my back ‘s doing pretty fine, it’s the knee again and this time I hurt it while skating”. He again: “When will you go and do something normal for a change?”. Me:  “Normal is for the rest of the world”. He laughed, nodded his head and send me to the RX.

©C.C. Titmouse

Fortunately there were no fractures or rips on the RX and it’s probably a serious bruising of the cartilage. He gave me an injection that should take away the pain within a day or three. If I’m still in the same amount of pain after four days, I have to come back for further examination.

The last couple of days it became clear to me that I miss my teammates, I miss the feeling of riding and the thought of having to miss it for quite some time made me really sad. And it scares the sh*t out of me!

On the 22th of May we’ll be hosting our Friends- and Family Day. It’s a day I’ve been looking forward to, because I finally want to show everyone what I’ve been doing so intensively. I want to take this chance to make my parents proud, to show to my friends that I don’t just ditch them but that roller derby has become a passion. One that I’m quite good at too. I would really hate not being able to skate alongside my teammates during this event.

So If you can spare two fingers, please keep ‘em crossed for me! And I hope to see y’all soon!

Yours painfully,

Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!


©One Love Roller Dolls



  1. Hey wijffie!

    Wat onwijs klote. Ik snap hoe je je voelt…and it sucks!!
    Maar gelukkig is het in ieder geval niet erger dan het is.
    Rust goed uit en tot zondag!

    Derby hugs

  2. @Tasj Mahal: Thanks hun’!!
    @Furrocious: Love to see you on sunday, spare some of those derby hugs for me will you 🙂

  3. Heej meis,
    Ik hoop van harte dat je knie snel beter wordt en dat we niet al te lang van nu samen zullen skaten! Ik had je graag zondag op de track tegengekomen, kijken of ik je nu beter bij kan houden (in my dreams *hahaha*), maar wees gerust, we wachten geduldig tot je weer beter bent en dan doen we het gewoon nog een (paar!) keer! En je komt zondag gewoon naar de dag dus je sprankeklijnde persoonlijkheid (en ik denk ook luid en duidelijk je geschreeuw! :-)) zijn er in elk geval bij 🙂

  4. My sweet lovely girl, you know I cross all my fingers, knock on wood, burn candles etc… to see you skate on sunday, but to be honest, I have my doubts unless miracles do happen (and I still want to believe in miracles)
    But, even if you can’t skate on sunday, I will always be proud, just because you are who you are
    In the meantime, a big, crossed finger reiki hug

  5. @Belle: Dank je meisje! Ik heb er echt nog wel van genoten om jullie zondag te zien spelen en heb inderdaad de longen uit mijn lijf gebruld. Ik kijk nu reeds uit naar de dag dat we nog eens samen op de track staan en jij me beter kan bijhouden :-). Jullie hebben het geweldig gedaan zondag and sure brightened up my day!
    @Mam: Thanks for the support, the patience, the love and the soft caring 🙂

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