High on derby: post scrimmage [Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!]

If you’ve read my former blog or you’re a personal friend of mine, you’ll know that I was pretty darn nervous for our bout past Sunday. I made a promise in my last writings that the story would be continued, so here it is!

©Ian Rwb

I could cut this really short and just write in capital letters that it was AMAZING, but that wouldn’t make for much of a good blog, now would it?!!?

©Ian Rwb

Cherry Moshpit, Huge Refner, Emo Joe and myself had spend the night at C.C. Titmouse’s house. So from the very moment I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by some of my teammates. We drank coffee together, some of us took a refreshing shower and left for Edegem. We arrived pretty early at the sportcomplex were we would we be playing our very first scrimmage. A few other team members were already there. Of course they were, because we are always late. Everyone looked pretty stoked and maybe a little nervous even.  After a little anxious jumping around, we started dragging all of our stuff inside.


We were in the middle of preparing the track when the first Amsterdam Derby Dames arrived. I swear to God, when I saw them I thought I was about to wet my pants. (Taking into consideration that I was wearing my derby outfit, there wasn’t much short I could wet.) They all looked so much more rough than me: tattoos, piercings and a lot of attitude. Turned out that all of the ADD- girls are sweethearts and I would love to spend more time with them in the future.

©Ian Rwb

Before the official scrimmage we had an our of training so we would all get used to the size of the track and the slippery floor. The track was a lot bigger than what we’re used to train on and the floor was hard to ride on. Being a jammer, I felt that I wouldn’t be able to go all-out because I would slip in the curves. It was pretty hot outside and although the place was cooled, after one hour of practice we were all dripping with sweat. It would be hard and exhausting.

After training we did a little rally in our dressing rooms, got a nice pep-talk from our coach Sir SkateAlot and team captain Lolli Chop and went back out there. It was clear that we were all very nervous. I couldn’t even remember how many times a ref would whistle when he spotted a major. But it’s great having your teammates at your side at such a time. Despite their own nerves, they talked me through it and very soon I was on that jammer line prepared to skate fast in the first jam of the scrimmage.

©Ian Rwb

From then on, everything went really fast and before I knew it, it was all over. It became clear that all of our training from the last months paid off. The pack-skaters held down the other team’s jammer, they worked together, cleared the track for their own jammers and had a blast while doing so. Our jammers skated hard an fierce. They were focussed on the passages in the pack, on the other jammer and called of the jams at the right time.  It was a clean and descent game without any unnecessary aggression. Hero Joe, our Bench- & Line-up Coach, did an excellent job and managed to keep us all organised. He kept his cool and by doing so he relieved a lot of my stress. To thumbs up for what he did! Last but not least, big kudo’s to our coach – Sir SkateALot – who kept his eyes on the track and his skaters. He gave clear instructions on what we had to do on that track and made the right calls.

He might have pushed us hard during trainings, but I’m very thankful he did! After skating a little “victory round” from both teams we hugged, took a group picture and raised our glasses on a fine derby-day!

I’ve been on a derby high since that Sunday (24/04/2011) and I hope to be there for a little longer. It feels great! We played like a team for the very first time and it was awesome! I felt – and secretly still feel – like a little rockstar. I could have worn my skates all day Sunday. It was only when I got home that I started noticing the bruises and the sore muscles. But that’s derby for ‘ya!

As I started out saying, It was AMAZING and I can’t wait to do it again someday! This was our first scrimmage and there was no audience allowed. But next time we will be expecting you! So, take a pen and write down the 22nd of May in your calendar. We will be hosting a kick-ass Friends- & Family Day @ Klopstokia – Deurne. There will be drinks, music and a lot of your favourite One Love Roller Dolls hip checking skaters from other teams.

©Ian Rwb

I’ll see you soon.

Big hugs and some derby lovin’

Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!


Miss Kitty Cupcakes


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