Nervous shakedown: preparing for our 1st scrimmage! [Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!]

© C.C. Titmouse

You might or might not yet know it, but for a lot of us, One Love Roller Dolls, these are stressful days. You’re wondering why?

Well, on Sunday we will be playing our first scrimmage against the Amsterdam Derby Dames. Although this isn’t an official bout and is meant as a way to practice bouting, we’re still in it for the win!

The last couple of months we have been training harder. All of our skaters have been drilling the WFTDA rules, our refs have been blowing their whistles like crazy, we’ve learned to skate faster, hit harder, be more aggressive and keep our eyes on the track and each other. Each and every one of us had to cross that mental wall, that’ll keep you down at a certain point.

For some of us taking this next step wasn’t quite easy. It’s not only physically challenging, but emotionally as well. It’s hard sometimes when you put a lot of effort to certain skills and it just doesn’t seem to pay off. When you get knocked down each and every time you try to make your way trough the pack, there comes a point when you just want to take off your skates and throw them at someone else’s head.

Thanks to our coach – Sir SkateALot – who knew his way around with all the injuries, the drama and the frustrations, none of us gave up. And by the end of this week we will stand there on that slippery track with twelve girls who can be really proud on what they have achieved these last couple of weeks.

Here comes the nervous part. Ever since our last scrimmage training – were I managed to fall like an ass and hurt my neck while leaving the penalty box – nerves have been creeping up on me. At night I wake up all sweaty because I dreamt that I couldn’t find my way to the box or because my laces got caught up between my wheels which causes me to fall and thereby taking down all of my teammates and none of the ADD-girls. While awake I go over all of the rules in my head and start panicking whenever I’m in doubt over a certain rule. I keep telling myself to make sure I know how many minors I have before starting a new jam, to keep an eye on the refs and to keep that big mouth of mine shut when I get a penalty. I try and keep the Olympic thought in my mind “competing is more important than winning”, but I would be on hell of liar if I said I wasn’t in it for the win.

I have no idea yet how I’m going to feel on Sunday, but it seems rather likely that I’m gonna puke before I set one foot on that track. It comforts me to know that most of my other teammates kind of feel the same way.

Yesterday we had our last rally. We’ve cleaned up our skates, changed our wheels and laces, tied down loose straps on knee- and elbow pads, etc. There is nothing more we can do than ride hard on Sunday and enjoy the moment!

If I have succeeded in making you curious about are game on Sunday and how we did, I’d advice you to keep a sharp eye on our facebook– & twitter-page and our website.
‘Cause this story, hasn’t been told yet!!!!

Truly yours,
Wham! Bam! Wonterjam!


Btw: take a peep at our Line-up for Sunday’s game:

©Ian Roofthooft

OLRD’s are proud to present:
An C Hammer 64
C.C. Titmouse 85
Chicka Lee 337
Wham! Bam! Wonterjam! 9.81
Tasj Mahal 19
Hipshot 89
Cherry Moshpit 07
Sofie Hell-Is-Back-ster 44
Electric Alice 220v
Pit-Fire 21
Whiplash Stacy 76
Lolli Chop 82

ADD are equally proud to present:

© Amsterdam Derby Dames

Sweet ‘n’ Sinister
San Solo
Vegan Vengeance
Eliza Do Damage
Kim Wilde
Belle Anger
Lola Rock ‘n’ Rolla
Nasty Moves
Abs of Steel
Minnie Mischief



  1. I believe in the olympic spirit, but the way you put it an important part is forgotten. It’s not ‘competing is more important than winning’, but

    ‘To participate and give all you’ve got is more important than winning.’

    That’s what we will do, play the best we can. No need to be nervous about that.

  2. AWESOME!!!

    This blog did it’s job…it’s scaring me! :p
    You gals seem really prepared…hope we are too….
    I will do my very best to kick your ass this sunday, or to check it (let’s stick with the rules and not do any kicking!)

    Excited, nervous, all of it, I feel it too!

    derby love from A’dam!

  3. Almost as nervous and excited as the rest of the doll’s, I am chewing my nails and hope (though I normally love long weekends) that sunday evening will come soon and a very contentfull Wham can enjoy her chinese meal.
    Anyway, to all the roller doll’s : go for it girls and kick ass !!!


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