Rock’n Rollerderby

♫ Artist: The Sounds – Album: Dying to Say This to You

This blog goes with an attitude, with that attitude comes the right music and clothes. But since I’ve missed the fashion 2011-memo, I’ll stick with the music. In a past life I was a music reviewer who knew all about the cool songs and upcoming artists. Since I don’t like discussions and considering I’m always right:  I’m simply going to tell you to buy this album; DO IT!

Picture by Starsky Zoolander

Now, the last time I’ve checked, the One Love Roller Dolls are no ‘80s new wave band (they could be!), so I’ll try to keep my focus on the sport. As you all know, we just celebrated our very first anniversary *makes a really cute face*. Despite the fact that we received loads of presents, it gives us the opportunity to think about the past year and what our future might bring. All jokes set aside, since I’ve started playing roller derby, my life has really changed; roller derby really did save my soul! I know how dramatically it might sound, but I think you need to go through it in order to really understand the impact a hobby like roller derby has. There are the multiple bruises, and sometimes I wonder if I would be better off being born a smurf. But (not so) secretly, I’m very proud of every though-girl mark, and I do brag about them. Best case scenario, I’m able to train 3x/week. Lots of people don’t even get to see their own family that often, which creates quite the bond amongst us derby girls.

I’ve started playing roller derby in august 2010, but to be honest it was merely called ‘learning how to skate without looking like Bambi on ice’. Sofie Hell-Is-Back-ster (44) & me started skating thanks to Val Qaeda (911), because we were through with having to look for a good (yet not that annoying-) way to exercise. We thought about dancing, but ended up in tight stockings and short skirts, all geared up and ready to skate our asses off. You have to know that I’m not the best skater, I’m willing to train hard and still have a long way to go. Still, these past months I’ve seen myself make such progress that I can’t help but to be very proud of myself.

After having seen the bouts in Stuttgart and Ghent, I’m even more eager to get ‘there’. I so want to play a bout myself, but I want to excel. I’ll always be the reckless one and I’m guessing I’ll meet up with the penalty box more often that I’ll be on the track, but still; me and my ass so want to get there! As far as my ambitions go, I don’t need to be the fastest (wishful thinking ;p) or the best in general. I just want to be a good team player and contribute to the game. I’d be lying if I’d say I wouldn’t want to jam my way through a pack once or twice, just for the thrill of it. But you have to know your strengths, and I’ll start with major blocking skills and the attitude (that last part is already taken care of, of course). Since I’m not yet good enough to be skating people off the track, I overcompensate with ‘being loud & obnoxious’ and party all night long. But this is just my derby cover, so that one day when I can (and will) kick your ass, you won’t see me coming and you wouldn’t expect that big mouthed OLRDoll to have hip checked you off-track. Hey, a girl can dream right, ambition is a good thing!

I’m realising right this moment that I might come off quite the arrogant bijaatsj over here, but keep in mind that we’ve all got alter ego’s to match with our derby-attitude. C.C. Titmouse is a nutcase, that’s for sure, but in the end I’m just a girl who likes to dress up in pink and wear fluffy tutu’s and old school rollerskates. Noooooooooot 😀 Guess you’ll have to know me to love me 😉

Picture by Rol'and Rock

But my reflecting-on-1-year-of-OLRD has taken me too far off-topic. The last year we’ve gained lot’s of new players as we’ve managed to get quite a lot of media attention. Since I’m head of Public Relations, it’s my honour to reflect on those kind of things. MTV, Gazet Van Antwerpen, Stampmedia, Maks! Magazine, Jim TV, Ché, VRT (1000 Zonnen), Made TeeVee, and more to come! They’ve all written/made a documentary about us or roller derby in general. It goes without saying that OLRD have become quite popular over the past months. People are interested in roller derby, and we are eager to get the word out. We want everyone to know about our sport and about us, in order to facilitate future plans of playing our first official bout & keeping our club at the current awesome-level. Partner- & sponsorships, coaches and trainers, locations and free trips to Mexico; we want it all!! GIVE IT TO US, NOW!

I’m convinced that this is all but the beginning and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I do know that I’ve lost a few pounds, and gained new friends, so you won’t hear me complaining… for now ;-). I hope to see you all at our first bout later this year and like to thank you for your eternal support and dedication to all of our initiatives. Keep an eye on us through our website ( or facebook-page
( & come to our parties!

Derbykisses & -love,

C.C. Titmouse (85)




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