Weak in the knees [Saxia✩F]

Is there anything worse than having to miss out on a roller derby training session? Yes there is: missing out on TWO roller derby training sessions. Can you imagine anything even worse? I can… and I’m suffering.

Since a week or two I can’t participate in derby training, because of one stupid pair of weak knees. Unfortunately this is meant literally: my knees couldn’t take this hardcore skating anymore, so I have to be careful for a while.

Knee problems are not uncommon with (roller) skaters. The pressure on bended knees can get quite high, especially when you can’t get enough from skating as low as you can, skulling and pushing your butt out to block. God, I love that exercise…

But now *sigh* here I am *sniff* literally blogging from the side lines of our beloved, but slightly wet roller rink.

I really hope I can go back on track soon. To prevent you from having to unwillingly miss out on exercising your beloved game, make sure you train your whole leg equally. Especially your upper leg can always get stronger. A good exercise is cycling against the wind or on your bikes highest gear.
Of course you should go see a physician if the problems persist or when you are in too much pain.


  1. Oh pas alsjeblieft op met de zwaarste versnelling tegen de wind in fietsen. Ik heb in april een knieblessure opgelopen die juist komt door fietsen. Teveel kracht moeten zetten zorgt voor een beschadiging aan je patellapees. Ik ben er nu nog zoet mee 😦 In other words, ik voel je pijn. Ik merk het na trainen heel erg.

    xx Lot / Rotterdam Death Row Honeys

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