Family time (review of our 2nd Family Day)! [C.C. Titmouse]

Some things are simply too awesome for just one blogpost. And since our lovely C.C. Titmouse had an exclusive view on the events of last Sunday, we’re glad to share her side of the story too!

Last Sunday it was party-time for the One Love Roller Dolls. We’ve built quite the party-animal reputation already thanks to our massive Mayhem Party a few weeks ago. But this time, instead of hardcore partying, it was more a morning-after feeling. So we pulled our head out of the toilet and made ourselves look pretty for mum and dad, our fellow Derby teams and simply everyone curious about the One Love Roller Dolls on our 2nd Family Day!

Considering the last minute invitations and the freezing cold, it was quite the turn-out! Holland waz representin’ fo sho (yes I’m a rapper these days), with the Rock City Rollers and the Rotterdam Deathrow Honeys joining forces on the track, whilst enduring our version of Ghent’s 10 minutes of Hell. Legs were going everywhere and facial expressions were set to destroy, but we sweated as a team.

Pic: Steve Cooremans

I should say; they sweated as a team, because I was happy to skip the hell-part and receive the guys and girls from Made TeeVee. They visited our humble track to shoot a 4-minute-documentary (because that’s how long it takes to display just how awesome we are of course :p). So that’s how I’ve made my TV debut as interviewee and may this be the kick-start of a beautiful career…or not 🙂 If all fails, I’ll never be able to set foot in Holland again (of all places ;p), so I’m good ^^.

Since Ghent is heavily preparing for their Stuttgart-victory at the end of November, they couldn’t attend the whole Family Day programme. Still we were very pleased to meet a small delegation for our Demo Derby Game! Always nice to practice together girls, even though you clearly kicked our asses *grrrrr* :-)! Rematch on the dancefloor at Derbylicious 3 (Ghent’s Derby party the 22nd of October at Sioux – Ghent (duuuh))!

Thanks to all who’ve helped to make this day happen, thanks to all of our fans, friends & family, to everyone who attended and a special thanks to our fellow Derby sistahs (still a rapper)!

Pic: Made TeeVee


C.C. Titmouse



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