Eat like a Doll! [Nisfit Hussy]

Nisfit Hussy

Pic by Andy Van Den Eynde

As a young derby soul, what I love most next to derby with the dolls, and I think most of you will agree, is: FOOD! ALL kinds of food.. well, to stay honest, I’m not very fond of seafood =]

In life, some want to stay in shape – for mostly the wrong reasons (yeah, I know you girls my age plan your ‘diet’ in winter for the summer swimsuit season);  on track, you HAVE TO stay in shape! That’s why, once I fully entered the skin of a derby girl, my nutritional schedule evolved along! I just felt like sharing my daily meal with you gals, maybe to give some a hint , or let some give me a tip or two 🙂
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, it’s like dessert to me, and it sets my mood right for the rest of the day; therefore, NO BREAKFAST = YOU won’t get to see your next breakfast.
– a bowl of cereals with milk
– Cheese, or jam, sandwich (and a nutella sandwich)
– scrambled eggs
– freshly pressed orange juice
– a green apple
– a banana
– salad (tomatoes,cucumber…)
– any meal consisting of pasta (lasagna, tagliatell…)
(time between lunch and dinner; word invented by me) and it’s usually before derby practice by an hour
– 2 bananas (long sugars take more time to dissolve in our body + great potassium refill for us athletes)
– a light cheese/jam sandwich
– salad (same as above..)
– chicken/meat (not a big fan of meat, but got to keep them proteins coming)
– steamed vegetables
– complete rice (thanks mum..)
– Dessert (usually an hour after: I tend to please myself 🙂 )
In general, I make sure I vary from time to time my fruits, also, once a week, I mix my pasta with fish (omega3). Futhermore, I don’t eat fat, like at all, or if I do, it’s by mistake (?), and salt is not on my food list, and has never been (I just feel like the food’s already salty enough, or I don’t see the necessity of adding salt.) To end this wonderful post that awoken my hunger senses, my beloved mother passed me the habit of drinking at least one cup of green tea per day (I usually drink it during brunch).
This diet suits me and my body, so it may not suit some of you reading this, and it took me a while to figure out what best daily food-routine makes me feel energized, light and healthy.
xoxox * Nisfit Hussy


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