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Our Boys Without Toys

There’s the kind of news we can’t wait to share with you (bouts! events! wins! happy!) and there’s the kind we hate to publish. Unfortunately this is of the latter kind.

CC / DJ Bass on Flickr

sad skate is sad
CC / DJ Bass on Flickr

*¨%#@! thieves struck again, this time parting 3(!) of our dear members with their beloved gear. Not even at the same place, time or event, but 3 separate cases, in barely 3 weeks time.

First, Hero Joe’s complete skate kit got stolen from his car booth. Although the good news is, he will be refunded for his lost items through the insurance company, but he is missing his beloved old  pair of Antiks, a set of brand new  boots and all his protective gear (total loss: above € 1.000) nonetheless.

Then, our photographer Piggy Stardust got robbed of his camera and his favourite camera lens. We’re lucky and grateful to have a dedicated and talented photographer like Ian in our midst (almost all pictures published to our channels are his), so we hate to see this happen to him. His damages are around € 1.500.

Finally Huge Refner’s gear bag got stolen from Dr. Dop’s car booth last weekend. He lost his skates, protective gear, ref clothes, wheels, as well as his (non-derby) engagement ring he got from Humpme Bogart, some of her wheels, and other tidbits. The total cost of their lost gear equals around a painful € 1.000.

3 of our guys robbed in 3 weeks. It almost sounds unreal…

But let’s make getting Huge back on skates and Piggy snapping hot shots a reality. Let them know you care, by dropping them a message here or giving a small donation. Even if you give just enough to buy a pair of skate laces, if 50 people do the same, they can buy wheels as well.

So let’s brighten Hero Joe’s, Piggy’s and Huge’s day a bit and show them some derby love. Donate to Piggy and Huge trough this link or the Paypal button below. Make sure you mention who you’re donating to or make 1 donation for both guys. If no specific dividing is specified, your donation will be split 50/50 among the two.


Thank you so much in advance.

One Love.

Why you should come to our Fresh Meat Day (which is coming up Sept. 21st!)

You’ve heard about roller derby, you’ve checked out some footage online or came to see a bout and now you’re all like “I WANT TO BE PART OF THAT!!!”. And we’re all like: “HELL, YES YOU SHOULD BE!!”.

But we’d understand if you’d be a bit shaky at the thought that you’re really about to strap on skates, practice hard, hit hard, get hit hard, fall hard, skate fast, … We’ve all been there. But rest assured, we’ll teach you all there is to know and help you grow as a roller derby player. Also, we’ve asked a few of our team members for some input on why you should come over on Saturday September 21st and give roller derby a try.

wham bamWham! Bam! Wonterjam!:

“You’ll lose 4cm in buttock circumference and gain 5cm in ego circumference, because it’s heartwarming to be part of a community that’s got your back. You’ll always have something to talk about to your friends as it’s something different than say, tennis. It’s addictive and oh yeah, you’ll learn the true definition of stench when you smell your pads after months of intense practice.”



“Only 5cm? Haha! You get to skate with one of the best roller derby teams and some of the best skaters in Belgium, so don’t be surprised if it turns out to be more than that. Also +1 on what Wham! Bam! said!”


“Roller derby is a great teamsport to be a part of. It’s totally different from any other sport I’ve tried (and mostly hated) before. It’s fun, intense and you’ll learn a lot about yourself. You’ll get stronger, physically and mentally. Also you’ll meet the most amazing and talented mix/bunch of people you could ever imagine.”


Patsy Par anoia:

“Because you’ll learn to be proud of your derby-induced bruises. And you get to force people of the track while on skates, just because you can.”

We hope we’ve convinced you already, but if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below or contact us. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, as long as you’re 18 years or older, we’re looking forward to see you on Saturday the 21st. Don’t forget to RSVP through the event and via email (, so we can make sure we’ll have gear in your size for you to use.

Bring a friend if you want, but don’t be afraid to come alone if you can’t find someone to come along. A lot of us came by ourselves that legendary first time. We’ll be there to help you put on the right skates and protection. We’ll be there when you make your first strides on roller skates. We’ll be there when you fall (mainly because, we teach you how to fall correctly). We promise we’ll be gentle. For now.

(all pics by Ian Roofthooft)

Support the OLRD-troops to their Southern Bout Weekend!

From June 28th-30th, the One Love Roller Dolls are heading for their final bout(s) of this season!

On Saturday, the A-team will face “Nothing Toulouse” (Toulouse A) & our B-team will take on Barcelona Roller Derby on Sunday!

– 29/06 – French Connection III – Nothing Toulouse vs. OLRD A – FB Event
– 30/06 – Barcelona Roller Derby vs. OLRD B – FB Event

This (2.800 km’s/1739.8mi back and forth) trip does not come without it’s costs. We still need about €2.000 to fully fund this trip. This amount includes the bus, parking, toll & overnight accommodation (hostel) for 25 people (2 teams). Obviously, the league will fund the biggest part, but we can’t pay the whole amount.

That is why we’d love it if YOU could help us get there! Every cent counts!

Hit that “donate” button:


We thank you in advance, we’ll work very hard these following weeks to make it worth your while!

© Cherry Moshpit

© Cherry Moshpit



Happy Birthday Sir SkateAlot! [05.02.2013]

Our coach, Sir SkateAlot, became 55 years young today!
We’d like to wish him a very happy Birthday, by letting the wishes speak for itself:

© Ian Roofthooft

© Ian Roofthooft

Sir SkateAlot, happy happy birthday!!
We all wish you a nice day, a good party with lots of presents….

No doubt your girls will take care of that 🙂

Enjoy and see you on the track soon!

Rockcity Rollers, Eindhoven


Beste coach,

Twee jaar en 1 dag geleden mochten we je verwelkomen in onze club. Je staat mee aan de basis en hebt de league hervormd naar wat de OLRD nu is. We needed that kick.

Bedankt voor je inzet, ik wens je een zeer fijne verjaardag.

Lolli Chop – OLRD


By the Holy Spirit,

We wish you the best for all you can imagine, you,the saint-patron from all the belgian derby girls!
So , Happy Happy Birthday!!

Love, the Holy Wheels Menace


Beste Coach! Ik wens je een fantastische verjaardag toe en wil u bedanken voor al uw geduld met ons!!
Je bent een TOP-Coach! En ik hoop dat we nog lang kunnen genieten van de trainingen!
Vele Derby-verjaardagskussen van Pink Bull (OLRD)


Dear Dirk/ Sir Skatalot/ Lords of the merbs,

We got to know you 2 years ago and boy did we learn a whole sh*tload of derby!
We have a lot to thank to you and for that we’re very greatful.
Amazing how we could always rely on you and the One Love Roller Dolls if we had questions or what so ever…
So a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 YOU, from all the bunnies, to our ‘Yoda’! 😉
We hope you’ll enjoy your day! Make it a good one!
Lots of derbylove from all of us!

Sincerely yours,

Mad Twat Her
Bad Bunny Rollers Menen


Happy bday Coach Dirk!!! 55 and still rollin’!
I wanna thank you for buggin’ me and making me start this new skating career,
it was just what I needed! 😉 Hope I can make you proud! Ahah
I wish you a great season and lots of sucess for the seasons to follow!

Big hug,

Andreia – OLRD


Happy Birthday from Charleroi!

May this day be the sweetest to you, and thank you for all the help and learnings you provided us and so many other people in derby world!

See you soon hopefully!!!

Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers


Happy Happy Birthday Dirk ! To the amazing coach you are!

Foxy Feather – OLRD


Dear Sir,

Even if we must confess we are soooo impressed everytime we see you around a derby track, we couldn’t imagine not use the occasion of your birthday to thank you for everything you did for our beloved sport! Best wishes!

Skinny Revenge for the Freaky Mons’ter Derby Ladies.


Carpool maatje, een heel gelukkige verjaardag gewenst!

Queen Of The Road Rage – OLRD


Champagne en tart à volonté. De conditie is nog altijd OK. Daarom vandaag eens goed vieren en morgen een aspirientje versieren! Happy Bday!!

Isabelle – OLRD


Dirk! Je oneindige inzet en liefde voor de rollersport maakt dat niemand de naam Sir SkateAlot meer waard is dan jij! Een dikke vette merci en een heel gelukkige verjaardag!

Electric Alice – OLRD


Beste Dirk,

55 jaar!
Het is amper te vatten waar je de moed en doorzetting haalt om je actief te engageren binnen een (initieel) vrouwensport! In dat opzicht voelt het alsof we de verjaardag van één van onze Dolls vieren (daar kan vast rekening mee gehouden worden, wat het outfit betreft) ;-). Ik wens je dan ook niets dan sportiviteit en (onze) overwinningen toe op je 55ste, lead the way, coach! 😉

Happy Bday!

C.C. Titmouse – OLRD


Je bent de hart en ziel van ons team… Je bent er altijd, met weer en wind en hebt ons als team (met al haar individuen) laten groeien en naar meerdere overwinningen weten te leiden. Dankje!

Gelukkige verjaardag!



Liefste Dirk,

Mogen je prachtige grijze haren nog lang in onze bearings blijven plakken!
Van harte en een gelukkige verjaardag!

Ellen O.P. Bruise – OLRD


For sure, the landscape of Belgian roller derby wouldn’t be the same without you, you learned so much to all of us!
Happy birthday dear (teddy) bear!

Agatha Power ‘Tum Tum’, Freaky Mons’Ter Derby Ladies


 © Ian Roofthooft

Happy Birthday from all of us!

SoG Bout 12: Go Go Gent vs One Love Roller Dolls (1st & 2nd place) [11.11.2012, by Saxia*F]

Man, I’d really should’ve got some stock in calming pills or fake nails… most of the bouts we’ve seen this far have been nerve wreckingly exciting. Have you seen those end scores?? Well, you know what I mean then. For this very last bout we’ve experienced a whole new level of excitement, as the two best teams of the weekend meet each other on the track for the final bout. The outcome of Gent facing Antwerp at the end of this tournament wasn’t totally unexpected, but still promised some serious, high level action.

After the first whistle, Gent gets lead jammer during the first jams and Go Go Gent takes off quickly scoring points and creating distance to the One Love Roller Dolls. But One Love isn’t making it easy for them. With good team work they manage to give the jammer of Gent a hard time at every pass and they manage to scramble more and more points themselves, bridging the gap with Gent. From the get go it’s clear that these two teams are a good match, especially when Antwerp manages to get lead on a few jams as well.

From about 20 minutes in, power jams are getting more frequent, and more and more in favor of One Love. They manage to capitalize on them quite well, although the fierce walls of Gent, even when they are with just two blockers, are immensely impressive. Also their agility, and not only of the jammers, is absolute class. At halftime the teams leave us with a score of 85 for Go Go Gent to 86 for One Love… halftime never lasted for so long.

The halftime score certainly gives One Love a lot of confidence for the second half, but we also see Gent coming back strong. Although Antwerp makes Gent work for every point, Gent manages to slowly take the lead in scores again. Antwerp tries to keep up and fights damn bravely, but towards the end it gets harder and harder to close the gap. While the fans scream their vocal cords to shreds, both teams give it their best in those final jams.
The last whistle blows and the winner of the first edition of Skates of Glory is known: Go Go Gent Roller Girls wins the tournament beating the One Love Roller Dolls with 175 to 137 as the final score.

<Saxia*F/Saskia Videler>



SoG Bout 5: Blackland Rockin’ K-Rollers – Rotterdam Deathrow Honeys [10.11.2012, by McKenna Gita Witness]

Charleroi eliminated after an impressive fight agains Rotterdam for a chance at 5th Place.

This neck and neck game saw very close scoring in a jam for jam bout.  With 42 each team with 6:30 in the first half,  Blacklands gets PJ and inches their way to the lead  Hurry Roll-n K, 5.15 takes her team to the lead with 66 to 43 in this first Power Jam of this bout.  In an exchange of Power Jams between Blacklands and Rotterdam-Blackland continues to secure their lead.

Whippen Red Siren in a significant Power Jam brings the score at the half within 2 points, 71 Blacklands, 69 Rotterdam.

In the first jam of the second half Rotterdam takes back the lead in a close jam.  Rotterdam inches their way into the lead, continuing to secure lead jammer, Aline Decat of the Blackland does not allow this to be easy for them, always a close second behind the lead jammer for Rotterdam. Rotterdam nearly loses the lead when another power jam for Blacklands brings them within 3 points.  with 12:30 remaining in the second half, Blackland ties the score again with each team with 89.  Star Jammer for Rotterdam Whippin’ Red Siren pulls a 18 point significant lead in a Power Jam.  Rotterdam holds on to the lead in a final 142 and Charleroi 115.

McKenna Gita Witness